For You

I'm writing to let you know I'm alive

I watch out the window

The rain sealed night

I look into the widow and see

See a glimmer that no one else can

Or wants to, but I prey

I prey to see something like a glimmer

Watch out for what I wish

Prey for me not to think

Not to breathe for I prey for the same

Skeleton mask that is real

Rubber skin and plastic heart

I see that in the window

Rain that hits like rocks

He smiled I smile

Prey for me to frown

I trace his face and kiss his cheek

Raises his arm I welcome it

Stop me if you can

I tease him with a bite

Make me still for you

Stop me for you

Change me for you

Hold onto me for you

I push towards him for me

He welcomes and you restrain

He comes closer and you pull away

I stay still confused

So easy once

You pull he welcomes

You yell he smiles

His smile more tempting

Better work harder to keep me

Too late I'm already dead