The Party
by Sean Walsh

Author's Note: For people not going to SVMS, these are all friends of mine(and also some of my non-friends). This story takes place Halloween weekend, our senior year. This is a very morbid story, not for the weak of heart. But for everyone else, enjoy!

Thursday, Oct. 29th, Washington Depot

Sean: So, did you get the keys?
Jesse: Yup, and...they won't be too suspicious 'cause I got 'em copied.
Aaron: I got the invitations made and mailed.
Sean: Good.

Friday, Oct. 30th, Bridgewater

Drew: So, you're serious?
Sean: Yeah. From five until three.
Kurt: Wow.
Chris: Yeah. At the school?
Aaron: That's what the invitation says, Nunnaly.
Brett: So, Drew?
Drew: ...
Brett: DREW!
Drew: Huh?
Brett: You want to go with me?
Drew: Okay.

Sean glares at them in silent anger.

Brett: So, we'll see you guys there.
Sean: Where are you two off to so soon?
Drew: Yeah, where are we going?
Brett: Good question. I guess we'll stay here.
Sean: Me and Aaron have to go to Roxbury. Kurt, keep an eye on these two.
Kurt: Right.
Chris: See you guys later.

Sean and Aaron wave as they get into Sean's car.
Friday, Oct. 30th, Roxbury

Tommy: So, are you serious?
Aaron: Shut up.
Tommy: What?
Ryan(Hays): I...I gu...guess I'l...I'll guh...go.
Camille: Me too.
Sean: Okay. Now we have to go back to Washington.

Friday, Oct. 30th, Washington Depot.

Jesse: That was quick.
Aaron: Of course.
Sean: That's the way we work.
Jesse: Okay. So what do we need now?
Sean: Lots of supplies.
Aaron: Let's go to the Washington Store.

Washington Store...

Sean: We have chips, cheetos, soda, ice, water, Skittles, Fritos, Twizzlers, dips, and all that other stuff.
Jesse: Good. I got the cell phones.
Aaron: For what, dingus?
Jesse: I don't know. They might come in handy. They have a handy mute button so you can mute the ringing and it will just vibrate. Here's the number.

He shows them the number.

Aaron: So, I guess we're all set. We just need to set up.

That night, at the Isolda house...

Kurt: Yeah, I'll be there in 15 minutes Sean. Bye.
He hangs up the phone and grabs his car keys and pulls on his jacket when the phone rings again.

Kurt: Who else would be calling at this time at night?

He picks up the phone.

Kurt: Hello?
Muffled voice:(Voice)Hello, Kurt.
Kurt: Who is this?
Voice: Someone you know.
Kurt: Name please.
Voice: Your mom.
Kurt: You say you know me? I'm a freakin' cop.
Voice: You're only in-training.
Kurt: Who are you?
Voice: Not for long.
Voice: Hee .
Kurt: Oh no.
Voice: Your parents won't be able to help you either. Look in their room.

He does. All he sees is a trail of blood leading to their closet.

Kurt: Oh my God! You sick crap!
Voice: Check your caller ID.

The caller ID reads: Isolda House.

Kurt: What do you want from me?
Voice: To see you bleed.

He turns around to see a person in a black cloak(Black Cloak).

Kurt: My police radio is on you know!
Black Cloak: You'll be dead and I'll be gone before the cops get here.
He crams a knife in and out of Kurt continuously until he stops moving.
Cloak: I know what you did last summer. Hee .
The killer leaps out of a window and is gone.

Saturday, Oct. 31st, Sean's house.

Sean: Kurt's dead? Killed!
Brett:(on phone)I can't believe it either.
Sean: I have to go.
Brett: Bye.

He hangs up the phone.

Sean: Kurt's...dead.

Later that day, in the Depot...

Aaron: I guess that explains his not showing up last night.
Jesse: Wow...
Sean: Still, the show must go on.
Jesse: I guess so.

Saturday, Oct. 31st, Shepaug Valley School, 5:00

Sean: So, people will be arriving soon.

In five minutes the party is jamming in the cafeteria, filled with music and everything.

Drew: This is so cool, Sean.
Sean: Thanks Drew.

Sarah walks over.

Sean: Hey.
Sarah: Hey.

They kiss.

Aaron: Ew!
Jesse: I can't believe you let Nigel be the DJ.
Drew: Where's Brett? I'm going ot go find him...

Middle School hallways...
Brett: It seems like I just was here yesterday...

He touches the wall as memories come back to him. They don't last for long because Black Cloak appears behind him.

Brett: Huh? Woah! Nice Halloween costume...Sean?

He shakes his head.

Brett: Aaron?
He shakes his head.

Brett: ...Drew?
Cloak: Three strikes...

He crams the knife threw Brett's stomach, cuts it open, rips out his intestine and strangles him with it.

Cloak:'re out.

Megan Henry: Stop the music!

The music is stopped.

Megan Henry: I just found Brett. He's...dead.
Drew: WHAT?

She turns to Sean.

Sean: What? You think I killed him?
Drew: You couldn't live with the fact that we're just best friends. You had to kill him, because you were jealous.
Sean: Drew, I didn't. I swear it.
Aaron: Sean.
Sean: I DIDN'T! Why don't you believe me? Some friends you guys are.

He storms outside.

Sean: What jerks.

Jon Taylor walks up to him.

Sean: Hey.
Jon: You okay?
Sean: I didn't kill Brett.
Jon: I believe you, Sean.
Sean: Thanks Jon.
Jon: Now get back in there. It's your party.
Sean: Sounds good. As long as one person believes me, I feel better.

He goes back in.

Drew: I'm sorry. Megan told me the blood...was still coming out when she found him. You were talking to me for the last 5 minutes.
Sean: Yep. Why would I want to kill him? I was a little jealous. I wouldn't kill my friend. Chris Fehr maybe, but not Brett.

They both laugh.

In the art room, Josh Murphy and Chris Fehr are snooping around, looking for clues as to who killed Brett and/or Kurt.

Chris: Are you sure this is such a good idea?
Josh: Of course it is.

Chris is looking at the top of the paper cutter. Neither hears the door shut.

Josh: Find anything?
Chris: No...

His words are cut off as Black Cloak slams the blade down on Chris' neck, decapitating him.

Josh: What the heck?

He makes a run for the door only to find it's locked.

Cloak: I'll make it quick for you, Josh my boy.

He takes a string that was being used to cut clay pieces for the middle-schoolers and tightens it around his neck, suffocating him. Black Cloak lets go when he stops struggling.

Cloak: All's well that ends well, Josh my boy.

He starts to hide them in art cabinets.

Hays: to the ba...bath...bathroom.
Sean: Hold it.
Hays: Wuh...what?
Sean: I repeat: Hold it.
Hays: Wuh...why?
Sean: There's most likely a killer on the loose. Haven't you read the "Horror in Hillendale" or "The Beach House"?
Ryan: You started to and never finished those.
Sean: Wow, when you're a jerk, there is almost NO stutter. Amazing.
Ryan: Shu...shut up.

Tucker and Rob walk over.

Rob: Sweet party man.
Tucker: I haven't had so much fun since...yesterday.
Sean: Have you been drinking?
Tucker: You're very hot tonight, my little friend.
Rob: I couldn't stop him.
Tucker: I love you guys.

He walks out and into the art room.

Tucker: Hey.

Black Cloak turns around and points to himself.

Tucker: Yeah you, monkey. HA!
Cloak: You're dead Tuck.
Tucker: Aw, monkey can talk.

Black Cloak takes out his knife.

Tucker: Oh, big man.
He 'puts his dukes up'.

Tucker: You wanna go, monkey?

Black Cloak lunges at him, but Tucker kicks him in the head and he lands on the knife.

Cloak: Ow.
Tucker: Scooby Doo, where are you?

He takes of the killer's cloak to reveal Adam.

Tucker: Adam's a monkey? Now head hurt. Hangover. Lawn Gnome. Pass out.

He passes out as Sean and Rob walk in.

Rob: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
Kenny: No they didn't.
Rob: Who invited you.
Sean: He...killed Tucker.
Tucker: I'm...*hick*...fine.
Sean: Adam was the killer?
Rob: I guess so.
Tucker: He's not a killer. He's a...*hick*...monkey.
Rob: Right, Tucker.

He passes out again. They clean up the mess and drag Tucker back to the party.

Sean: Drew, it was Adam who killed Brett. You were close with your accusation. He probably killed him because HE was jealous.
Nigel: Hey everybody, time for the strobe light.

Everybody's dancing, until a gut-wrenching scream from Kat stops it. The lights go on to reveal the dead body of Phil Manolfi, lying on the ground with a knife threw his head.

Drew: Huh. That killed him? I wouldn't of thought so.
Paul: Drew, my brother just died.
Drew: Oh. Sorry. Paul, congrats...I mean, I'm so, so, so, so, sorry.
Sean: This is ridiculous.

Everybody is looking at Phil until they hear commotion behind them. Tucker is beating up Kenny, who still hasn't left yet.

Tucker(now sober): Sorry.
Paul: Oh my God! Urk...*

They turn around to see the same knife that killed Phil imbedded in Paul's back.

Kenny: Oh...
Tucker: Shut up!

He throws him out the window into the dumpster below.

Drew: I thought Adam was the killer, Sean.
Jon: This is obviously the work of multiple killers.
Sean: How do you know that?
Jon: your stories...remember?
Sean: Oh, okay.
Tommy: Sean.
Sean: Yeah, Sherry?
Tommy: Me and Brad and some other guys are going down to the tech room.
Sean: Okay...

The tech room...

Tommy: I wonder if the tools are on?

The door once again locks without anyone hearing it.

Cloak: Let's find out.
Brad: Ah!

Black Cloak bashes in his head with a hammer.

Tommy: Oh my Lord!

Black Cloak turns on the jigsaw cutter and crams Tommy's head into it.

Ryan Hays tries to get out but Black Cloak shoves a saw blade into his back.

Cloak(high pitched voice): Oh, please! Stop the carnage.
Jose: Oh no...
Cloak: Beans are from Mexico, right?

He starts to advance towards Jose.

Cloak: Well?
Jose: ...Si?
Cloak: What about jumping beans?
Jose: No comprende.
Cloak: I'm sorry, wrong answer.

He pushes Jose into a large sheet of glass, breaking it and slicing him to ribbons.

Cloak: And last AND least, YOU Galinski!
Jon Galinski: Please, I don't want to die.
Cloak: Do you think those 4 did, either?

He points to the dead bodies.

Jon: Please, no.
Cloak: A wise man once said to me, "Oh shut up. Grin and bear it."
Jon: ...YOU?!

Black Cloak plugs in a drill.

Jon: Oh my God. Anybody listening, the killer is...URK!

Black Cloak crams the drill threw Jon's skull.

Cloak: Oh, that's going to leave quite a mess.

He chains up the door leading to the halls and then leaves out the door to the outside and chains up that one also.

Parking Lot...
Jake Kara pulls into the parking lot of the school with his red 1961 250 ferarri testerosa. He sees someone standing in the shadows. He steps out of his car and locks it.

Jake: Hey, do you have change for a hundred?

The person steps out of the shadows. He's holding a poisonous rattlesnake.

Jake: 'Kay, buddy, put the snake down.

The cloak shakes his head.

Jake starts to frantically unlock his car. Cloak throws the snake at him and it bites him in the leg. He finally unlocks his car. He turns it on and backs over the killer.

Jake: Whew...feeling faint.

He steps out of the car to see Brandon's dead body. Then the poison kicks in.

Jake: Get me to a doct-urk!

He falls to the ground, dead, little traces of foam coming out of his mouth.

Aaron: Shouldn't they be back by now?
Sean: They're probably dead too.
Eamon: Kyle's outside. Shouldn't someone go get him.

The 3 stand there for a second and then start laughing.

Rob: Hey, uh, Tucker?
Tucker: Yeah?
Rob: Shouldn't Kenny have gotten up by now?
Tucker: Yeah, why?
Rob: He's not moving.
Tucker: We should go check it out. Where's Erik?
Erik Werner: I'm right here.
Tucker: We have to get Kenny.
Erik: Why?
Rob: He's not moving...


Kyle is walking outside when he sees Kenny's body. He goes in for closer inspection to find Kenny has been cut up beyond belief.

Kyle(squeaky voice): OH NO!
Cloak: Hello...Kyle.

He starts to run away.

Cloak: Oh come on.
Cloak: Dear God. I CAN'T stand that voice anymore.

He picks up a rock and throws it into the back of Kyle's head, knocking him unconscious. He walks over to him, pulls out a new knife, slits his throat open, and rips out his voice box. He then mimes dusting off his hands.

Cloak: Took care of THAT problem.

Tucker, Rob, and Erik are about to open the door to outside.

Tucker: Hey, someone chained it closed from the outside.
Rob: That's not good.

Jon: I've checked the list of dead people. They're so far all guys.
Sean: So?
Jon: Just saying.
Sarah: Sean, I'm scared.
Sean: Don't worry, Sarah. I'll protect you.
Drew: I have to use the bathroom.
Sean: Okay...have a good time.

She leaves.

The girl's bathroom...
Tracie Cannavaro and Jenny Francis are brushing their teeth.

Jenny: Why'd we even come to this party?
Tracie: We didn't know SEAN and AARON were throwing it.

Black Cloak walks in.

Tracie: Hello? Get out.
Cloak: Oh, sorry. I was looking for the girl's bathroom, not Bitch-zone.
Tracie: Oh no you didn't.

Black Cloak grabs her toothbrush and crams it down her throat, choking her to death.

Jenny: Oh my God.

Black Cloak grabs her head and bashes it against a stall door, knocking her senseless. He(or she) then begins to pluck out her hairs, one by one, until they're all gone and she's bald. She then regains her senses.

Jenny: Oh my God! What have you done?

She grabs Cloak's knife and crams it threw her chest, instantly killing her.

Cloak: That was easy.
Drew comes running to Sean.

Sean: What?
Drew: I just walked into the girl's bathroom and Jenny and Tracie are DEAD!
Nigel: Everybody stay calm. Nobody will miss them.
Caitlin Frame: Hey.
Nigel: I mean, anybody that MATTERS won't care.

Caitlin runs out crying.

Julie LaBella: Jerk.
Nigel: What?

Julie runs after her and the music starts up again.

Girl's locker room...
Julie: Forget him. He's a jerk.
Caitlin: Yeah, I know. I'm going to have to kill him.
Julie: What?
Caitlin: Don't tell anybody, but all the killings have been committed by a cult I joined called the Black Cult. We all dress in black, hooded cloaks and kill people who have been mean to us and others and deserve to die. That's everybody, pretty much.
Julie: You're crazy.
Caitlin takes out a knife.
Julie: *squeal*
She starts to run.
Caitlin: Great.
She flings the knife into Julie's back and she falls to her knees, dead. The knife has penetrated her chest.
Caitlin: What a sec...Oh my God, what have I done? I've killed my best friend.
She takes the knife and slits her wrist. In a few moments, she dies.


Sean: Man, I think we should leave the school and go home, pretend this never happened...
Drew: I agree.
Nigel: Put your party hats on, everybody, it's time for "What is Love" from Night at the Roxbury!
Sean: Nigel, this really isn't the time for that...did you say...What is Love?
Nigel: You know it, Seanie Fats.
Sean: I really hate that name.

Erik, Tucker, and Rob run in.

Sean: What?
Rob: Someone's locked us in.

Jesse runs over with a horrified look on his face.

Sean: Don't tell me you found another dead body...
Jesse: Even worse!
Sean: What?
Jesse: We're out of soda!
Tucker: NO!
Aaron: The chips and dip and stuff are done for.
Sean: I told you guys to buy extra!
Intercom voice: Yes, we locked the doors, and we're going to kill you all now and there's nothing you can do about it. Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha...
Sean: Oh crap.

The planetarium
The 7 remaining black cloaks are talking about what's going to happen during the rest of the night.

Leader: Did you get the vial of acid from the science lab?
Cloak 1: Yes.
Cloak 2: I found a gun in Josh Halliwell's bag he brought. I think he had his own motives.
Leader: Heh.
Cloak 3: I got a bat from the gym supply closet.
Leader: Oh yeah.
Cloak 4: I got more knives.
Cloak 5: So we're gonna finish this tonight?
Leader: Yes.
Cloak 6: No.
Leader: What?
6: I said no. No more killing.
Leader: Excuse me?
6: NO! I want out.
Leader: Oh really?

He takes the bat and splatters the sixth killer's head all over the floor.

Leader: Okay. You're out. Now, get ready for the finale. Heeheehee.

The cloak hood falls off, revealing Danny Schier.

5: You killed Danny!
Leader: So I did.
5: There's only six of us now.
Leader: Are YOU questioning me?
5: No.
Leader: Good. Let's move.

Camille, Ginna, Jenna Butler, Jen Lifland, Michele P., and Megan Gargulio are playing basketball.

Camille: This sure takes our minds off the killing, huh?
Megan: I don't get it, tee hee, duh.
Ginna: You're so stupid.
Megan: I'm telling!
Jenna: Who?
Megan: I don't get it...I mean, I'll find someone...tee hee, duh.
Jen: Good luck.
Michele: Wait for me, dur.

They go to walk out the door. They get out of the gym to meet the Black Cloak, ready with his baseball bat.

Cloak: I'm going to kill you now.
Megan: I don't get it, can you give me an example? Tee hee, duh.
In a few second's Michelle's head is now littering the walls.

Megan: I still don't get it, tee hee duh.
Cloak: How about a little 'hands on' example.
He beats her in the head with the bat but it seems not to phase her.

Cloak: What?
Megan: Tee hee, duh.

He whacks her again, breaking her nose and making her bleed severely, but she's still standing.

Megan: Tee...hee...duh.

Black Cloak pushes her down and knocks the soda machine over on her, squashing her.

Inside the gym, Jenna, Jen, Camille, and Ginna here a scream followed by a distinct, "Tee hee, duh...*".

Camille: Oh no.

They try to run out the other gym door but another black cloak is waiting there with the vial of acid.

Cloak: Open wide, Ginna!

He grabs Ginna and yanks her mouth open, pouring some acid down her throat. She soon is laying there, on the floor, squirming helplessly.

Camille: Oh no! Ginna!

The other black cloak beats in Jenna's head with the bat over nad over, until brain fluids leak out her ears and then starts towards Jen.

Jen: Um...check these out!

She rips off her shirt.

Cloak 2: Not interested Jen, I've got my own to look at.
Jen: You're a girl?
2: Famous last words.

She slams the bat into various body parts of Jen's repeatedly.

1: Nice going.

They surround Camille.

Camille: Please don't hurt me.
1: Sorry, toots.

He dumps acid on her head and the two black cloaks watch and laugh as it eats through her head to her brain, listening in pleasure as she screams until the very last second.

2: That was extremely satisfying.
1: Yes indeed.

On the roof of the school...

Sarah: It's so pretty tonight.
Sean: Yeah.
Jesse: Yup.
Aaron: Indeed.
Sean: You two really know how to ruin the moment, don't you?
Aaron: Indeed.
Jesse: Yup.
Sean: Shut up you guys.

All 4 of them start laughing until they here a click.

Voice: Freeze.
Sean: Great, the cops are here. Someone must've called them.
Voice: Sorry, try again. Heh .

They turn around to see a black cloak pointing a gun at them. The leader walks up on the roof.

Leader: I want them alive. Take them to the football field.

The black cloak knocks them out.

Girl's bathroom...
Kristen Asenza is crying her eyes out on a bathroom stall. There's a knock on the stall door.
Kristen: Who is it?
Voice: Meredith.

Kristen unlocks the door to see a black cloak knock her unconscious and ties her up. She then picks her up on her back and brings her to the football field.

Nigel: Everybody chill, I gotta pee. BRB...G.

He is walking down the halls when a black cloak knocks him unconscious. He then ties him up and takes him to the football field.

Tucker: Man, there's not many of us left. This is almost scary.
Erik: Just admit you're scared. I am, too.
Rob: This is sick.

They walk out of the cafeteria looking for a possibly unlocked door. Three black cloaks sneak up behind them and knock them out, tie them up, and drag them out to the football field.


Megan Henry is walking around, looking at her past when one off the black cloaks sneaks up behind her.

Megan: Ah!

She tries to kick him, but he grabs her leg, twist it, flips her onto her head, knocking her out, etc.

Teacher's Lounge...
Becky Waupatic is looking for food in cabinets. One of the killers sneaks in and up behind her.

Becky: No food? I can't believe it! I'm gonna have a break down!
Cloak: If you're not dead already!

He beats her over the head with a paperweight, knocking her out. Then, he sees some things in a cabinet.

Cloak: These will be helpful.

He then grabs the items and drags Becky out to the football field and ties her to a tree.

Megan "Mark" is searching for her step-sister, Kristen. She's up on the stage when she sees someone in the recording room adjacent from where she's standing.

Megan: Kristen?

The person shakes their head and a cloak sneaks up behind her and knocks her unconscious. They drag her to the football field.

Rory Larson is eating one of the last Twizzlers when he trips and falls on something. It's a small tan box with wires on it. Rory just stares and wonders what it is.

Rory: Hey Chris? I wonder what this is.

Chris Carlson walks over and looks at the thing on the ground and ponders for a second. Then his thought turns to the horror of realization.

Chris: Oh MY GOD! IT'S A BOMB!

Everybody starts screaming and trying to get out of the cafeteria only to find that all possible exits are locked or bolted down.

Amanda Nelson: Well, Aaron will never find out how I truly feel about him.
Karli: Or how I felt about Sean.
Rory: Or how I felt about Jimmy. I mean Missy.

Football Field...
Sean groggily comes out of unconsciousness after slipping back and forth for the past 15 minutes.

Leader: Oh, Sean. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Sean: Who are you, scumbag?
Leader: Well, guys? What do you say?
Killer 1: Okay.

The leader takes his cloak off revealing Jon Taylor. The 5 others are Chris Millian, Chris Nunnaly, Meredith Stuart, James Edwards, and...Drew.

Sean: Drew!
Drew: Hey.
Sean: Shut up! Don't talk to me. I can only imagine who you've killed.

Drew starts crying.

Jon: Shut up!

He crams the gun in front of her face.

Drew: Ah!

She stops crying.

Chris M: Ha.
James: He heh ha.
Chris N: Wahahahahaha.
Drew: Shut up.
Meredith: So Jon, when are we going to kill them?
Jon: Once they all regain consciousness.

In the next 3 minutes, they are all awake.

Becky: I'm sooooooooooooo hungry.
Jon: Okay Becky. We'll feed you.
Becky: Hooray!

Chris walks over to her and gives her a spoonful of honey.

Becky: Takes kind of strange.
Chris M: Ano-dray.
Becky: What, I don't understand.
Chris M: You have you're "oboo-dooboo whatever" language, I speak pig Latin. I said Draino.
Becky: DRAINO!
Chris M: Yup. I got it in the teacher's lounge after knocking you out.

Becky starts foaming and in about 10 seconds her head slumps and she utters a final, "Oink".

Meredith: Awesome.
Megan Henry: You'll never get away with this.
Jon: We already have. Any second now, whatever is left of the school will be littered with little pieces of, for example, Rory, Amanda, and Megans.
Meredith: Oh my God, really?

Jon turns around with red in his eyes, pulls out the gun, and blows off Meredith's head.

Aaron: Oh my God!
Jon: Who's next?
Megan Marks: Please, leave me and Kristen alone...please?

She gives a pouty face.

Chris M: Turn that frown upside down.

He gives her face an uplift with the bat, knocking her senseless.

Kristen: Megan, are you okay?
Megan Marks: Varoom...
She passes out.

Nigel: Ow.
Jesse: Is that Schibi?

The killers turn around to look.

Jon: Where?

Erik breaks free, picks up Chris M. and James and slams them into Jon, but Chris N. beats him in the head with a rock, knocking him back out.

Sean: Drew!
Drew: What?
Sean: How could you do this? You were a mole, weren't you!
Drew: Hah. Yeah. I killed the Manolfis, too.
Sean: How could you!?
Drew: You people should never had messed with me. Now I think I'll kill...

She closes her eyes and points. When she opens them, she's pointing at Rob.

Drew: Rob!
Rob: No!

She picks up the vial of acid and starts walking over to Rob.

Rob: Nuts.

He closes his eyes.

Tucker: Don't trip, Drew!

He sticks his foot out, she trips over it, and the acid pours all over her.

Nigel: Oh, whatta dis.

Jon(who's been awake for a few moments now)turns and fires three rounds of the gun whizzing over his shoulder.

Nigel: What the!
Sean: Jon!

Jon spins around, looking at him.

Sean: What happened to you, man? You used to be cool.
Jon: I'm still cool!
Sean: Why the cult, dude?
Jon: I have stress, man. I formed this cult to "take care" of everybody who caused it...everybody.

James and Chris M wake up.

Chris N: Not us though, right?
Jon: Of course not. I'm your savior.
James: Yeah Chris.
Chris N: HEY! Shut up!
Jon grabs his head and starts screaming. He grabs the bat and starts to beat James with it over and over and over, killing him.

Chris M: Oh man...
Chris M: It's...okay Jon.
Jon: All right, I'm okay now.

He starts to smile, then laugh maniacally.

Chris N: What's so funny?
Megan H: Oh no...

The ground shakes and pieces of school and bodies fly all over the place, most landing in the pond.

Jon: Now, Kristen, I'll kill YOU.
Aaron: NO!

He breaks free from his ropes and jumps on Jon. He starts to pummel him until both Chris' get him off and throw him against a tree.

Kristen: Aaron!

Megan H gets out of her ropes and starts towards Chris N.

Chris N: Now Megan...I wouldn't want to hurt you...

She pulls back and punches Chris N in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him unconscious.

Megan: Forget about it.
Jon: Aaron, why'd you have to go make me bleed? Now I have to kill you.

He shoots him in the arm.

Kristen: Oh my God! Aaron!
Jon: Oh shut up, I didn't shoot to kill.

Sean looks over his shoulder briefly. He then turns to Jon with a smug smile on his face.

Jon: WHAT!
Sean: I bet you're too wussy to shoot me in the head.
Sarah: Sean, NO!
Sean: Come on Jon.

Jon points the gun at his head.

Tucker: Yeah Jon, you wussy.

Rob looks at them like they're crazy but soon he gets it, as do the rest of them.

Jon: You fool.

He pulls the trigger only to get the click of an empty gun.

Sean: NOW!

Erik, now conscious and faking being unconscious for the past few minutes, gets up, picks Jon up by his feet, and slams him into the same tree Aaron is leaning against, unconscious, crushing Jon's ribs and skull. Chris M comes at him with the baseball bat but the now free Rob and Tucker grab his feet and arms, hog-tying him for the police.

Rob: Should've tied these ropes a little tighter, boy scout...or something...
Tucker stares at him and then laughs briefly. They then tie up Chris N. The cops soon arrive, due to a call from someone who heard the explosion.

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 1st, 2000, the Village Store...
The survivors of the night before are hanging around outside the store, Tucker and Rob goofing off, Kristen sitting on Aaron's lap, each other staring deeply into the other's eyes, Nigel listening to a CD player, Jesse looking at the sky, Sarah trying to make eye contact with Sean, Megan Henry reading a book, and Sean sitting looking at the landscape.

Sarah: Sean, hello?
Sean: Yeah, Sarah?
Sarah: What do you think will happen now?
Sean: Megan M should be out of the hospital in a few weeks, after the surgery of course, I posted Erik's bail so he'll be out tonight, Aaron seems to be doing fine...

They look over at Aaron and Kristen, who are laughing at everything the other says.

Sarah: Sean, I mean me and you...
Sean: Us? I don't know...

He looks deep into her eyes and they embrace.

Sunday night, remains of the school...
Jon's body is lying next to the tree he was killed by, undisturbed until his finger moves ever so slightly. Then there are distinct cracking noises as his ribs and skull actually mold back into place. He gets up, dusts himself off, and picks the bat up.

Jon: I'm ba-ack...

The End...?