The Party II: P03(Three years later)

Setting: Washington College
Who: Sean: Same old funny guy, new girlfriend this time around.
Erik: Same, big, buff guy, back from his one night in jail.
Aaron: Married to Kristen, on a road trip with her.
Kristen: Married to Aaron, on a road trip with him.
Meg 'Marks': Single, feminist girl back from plastic surgery. Very popular among the boys.
Tucker: Same old guy, always chasing around Meg for her attention.
Rob: Also the same old guy we know and love, but average size now. Also chasing around Meg.
Megan Henry: Buff, beautiful, cheerleader, most popular girl in school.
Nigel: Professional DJ at a local club, same old Nigel.
Jesse: More into schoolwork now, Sean's best friend besides Erik.
Nunnaly: Still rotting in jail.
Millan: Also still rotting in jail.
Jon: Back from the dead, biding his time.
Black Cloak: Who is it this time?
Sarah: Still the same old whiny girl with a crush on Sean.
Elizabeth: New, spunky, Hispanic girl from Houston, Sean's new girlfriend, living with Sean in the dorms.

The stage is set for the sequel...are you ready?

The 29th of October, the dorms...
Sean is sitting on his bed, reading the paper. Elizabeth(Eli) is lying down next to him, relaxing.

Sean: Oh...
Eli: What is it, babe?
Sean: I'll read it to you. Ahem, "3 years ago today, an innocent party at the old Shepaug Valley school after hours turned deadly. 79 people were either brutally killed or blown up in this horrible group massacre. The 2 surviving killers are now serving a life sentence in jail and the 11 survivors are alive and well, most going to the new college. Hopefully, with the new age of technology we have, something like this horrible incident will never happen again.
Eli: Oh my...You're one of the survivors, aren't you...
Sean: Yeah...I lost a lot of friends there...and it was all my fault. The party was my idea...

Elizabeth punches him in the arm really hard.

Sean: Ow! What the...
Eli: Don't dare blame yourself. You had no idea.
Sean: I guess you are right...I'm sorry.

He kisses her, curls up next to her and turns off the light on the stand. In Eric and Jesse's room, Jesse is finishing reading the paper aloud.

Jesse: "...will never happen again."
Erik: I doubt it. There is no way. I mean, it was gonna happen sooner or later...
Jesse: Yeah. But we're okay now and that's what counts...
Erik: Yeah, I mean, Meg benefited from it! Look at the wonders the plastic surgeon did for her!
Jesse: Yeah, right? Well, good night.

He flicks off the light. In Tucker, Rob, and Nigel's room, Rob finishes up the paper.

Rob: "...incident will never happen again."
Tucker: Yeah, but I dunno though. I mean, you get someone drunk enough, they could kill someone.
Nigel: Hey yeah. Like Adam.
Tucker: Shaddup!

He throws a pillow at him and shuts off the light. In the Megans' room, Megan Henry finishes up reading the paper.

Megan: "...again."
Meg: Hmm...I lost Tracie, Jenny, Caitlin, Julie, and the others that day...
Megan: Yeah...I lost everybody then too.
Meg: At least Kristen's okay. And happy. Her an' Aaron finally are truly happy. Together.
Megan: Mm. Good night.

She turns off the light. Outside, Sarah is walking on the terrace.

Sarah: Three years ago...I'll never forget that day. And a few days later, Sean left me...

She has a flashback. Every person who was killed in her presence flashes through her mind. The last is Jon, the lead killer.

Sarah: Jon...

The smell of decay fills her nose.

Sarah: Ew, what is that?
?: You called?

She turns around to see a Black Cloak.

Sarah: Oh my! I have to be dreaming.
Cloak: I'm back and in the ever-decaying flesh, baby.
Sarah: No...
Cloak: Yep. And you're the first to taste the sweet taste of revenge.

He draws a dagger.

Sarah: No...
Cloak: Yes.

She breaks into a run with the Cloak nipping at her heals. Turning a corner, she trips and falls. The Black Cloak picks her up by the shirt.

Sarah: Please, don't...
Cloak: But you want it. You've wanted the sweet taste of death since Sean left you.
Sarah: How...
Cloak: I dunno, but, three years ago, I was awakened from my supposed eternal slumber, back and almost good as new. With the power of mind-reading.
Sarah: Oh...SEAN!

Sean bolts up in bed.

Eli: Uh...Sean...what's wrong?
Sean: Sarah...

A cold wind blows into the room from an open window. Back in the courtyard, Sarah is begging for her life.
Cloak: You're only delaying the inevitable.
Sarah: I never was really going to kill myself...
Cloak: You've seen the Scream trilogy before, right?
Sarah: Yes...
Cloak: Okay, I'm going to ask you a question. Get it right, you get to keep your pitiful excuse for a life. Get it wrong, it's curtains for you. Understand?
Sarah: Yes, I understand.
Cloak: Okay, here it is. Three years ago, who was the first senior to die?
Sarah: Brett.
Cloak: Oh, I'm sorry. It was Kurt. Too bad.

He guts her and throws her into a tree. She lies there, gasping for air until the moment comes. She slumps against the tree. Back in Sean's room, he is trying to call Sarah's room while Elizabeth sits up in bed, with the covers around her chest.

Eli: What are you doing?
Sean: Something's wrong. Something happened to Sarah. I just know it. Finally! I got through. Hi, yeah. Is Sarah there?
Sarah's roommate: No, sorry. She went for a walk after reading the news.
Sean: S'okay. Thanks anyways Paprika.
Paprika: Sure Sean.

He hangs up the phone.

Eli: Do you still harbor feelings for her? After what she put you through?
Sean: That was nothing compared to Drew, but she's dead...

There is a trace of sadness in his eyes.

Eli: Answer the damn question!
Sean: No. I don't. But still, something happened, I can tell.
Eli: Really, like what?
Sean: I dunno. But I can feel it...
Eli: Come on hon. Come back to bed.

He is about to when the phone rings.

Eli: Get in bed. Let me get it.

She throws on her robe and picks up the phone.

Eli: Hello?
Muffled voice: Hello. Is Sean there?
Eli: Sorry, he's kind of preoccupied at the moment. Can I take a message?
Voice: Just ask him if he's checked the dew point lately.
Eli: Kay. Who's this message from?

There is a click and the dial tone is heard.

Eli: Huh...
Sean: Who was it?
Eli: Didn't say. Just asked if you've checked the dew point lately.
Sean: Hmm...I dunno.
Eli: Oh well. Good night. I love you.
Sean: I love you too.

He shuts the light off again. The next morning, they are awakened by a knock at the door. They throw on some shorts and some shirts and Sean answers the door. It's Erik and Jesse.

Jesse: Dude, Sarah's dead. She was gutted.
Sean: What?
Eli: What?
Erik: No lie. They found her this morning, outside, slumped dead leaning on a tree.
Sean: You're kidding...
Jesse: Nope.
Sean: Oh can't be starting again...
Eli: I say, let's just get ready, go to class, and try not to think about it.
Erik: Sounds good to me.
Jesse: Yeah.

In class, they are sitting next to each other, taking notes attentively. Meanwhile, in the county jail, Nunnaly and Millan are sitting in their jail cells.

Millan: Three years, man.
Nunnaly: Yeah, it's all Tucker, Rob, and Erik's fault we're here.
Millan: Not just them.
Cop 1: Shut up in there, will ya?
Millan: Oh bite me.
Nunnaly: Hey, fatty, can we have some food here? I'm starving.
Cop 2: No. You can wait the 24 more hours 'til you're transferred to the asylum.

Then, the Black Cloak silently walks in. He takes a loaded gun off the table.

Cop 2: What is that smell.
Nunnaly: Oh my God...
Cop 1: It ain't me, bud.
Millan: Oh crap...
Cloak: Hey guys. How's it going? Haven't made you're donut run lately, have you?
Cop 1: What kind of joke is...

The Black Cloak shoots him in his head

Nunnaly: Wow...
Cop 2: Oh shit!

He takes out his gun and fires all 6 rounds into the Black Cloak. The Black Cloak then lifts the gun at the cop's head.

Cop 2: Sorry?
Cloak: Where are the keys?
Cop 2:

The cop hands him the keys. He then scurries over to press the silent alarm, but the Cloak blows his hand off.

Cop 2: Oh dear God!
Cloak: Was that necessary?
Cop 2:'re crazy!
Cloak: Where 'ave I heard that one before...
He shoots the cop in between the eyes.

Nunnaly: Who are you?

The Cloak takes off his hood to reveal himself to be none other then a badly decaying Jon.

Jon: Hi guys. I'm back.
Millan: Hi...Jon.
Nunnaly: I'm gonna be sick.

Jon unlocks the jail cell and releases them. He then reaches into his cloak and produces two others.

Jon: Look familiar?
Nunnaly: Rock on, man. It's almost like the old group's back together.
Millan: Not quite, Nunnaly, we're missing about 5 or 6 people.
Jon: Stop your bitching, Chris.
Millan: It's Millan now, bud. Just Millan.
Jon: My bad. Okay, Millan. Lemme guess, you're Nunnaly, right?
Nunnaly: Yep.
Jon: Okay. Well, put the cloaks on and let's go.

They comply and put on the cloaks.

Jon: That college probably has a few kids who would join our cause...

Back at the college, the class is just ending. Jesse, Erik, Sean, and Eli all walk out. They are greeted by Nigel and Rob.

Nigel: Hey Seanie Fats, what's up?
Rob: Hi guys.
Erik: Where's Tuck?
Rob: Wasn't he in class today?
Sean: No.
Rob: Uh-oh. You don't think...

All of a sudden a hand touches Sean's shoulder. He jumps and spins around. Rob, Nigel and Tucker, (who was standing behind the four) burst out laughing.

Sean: You ASS! That was not cool.
Rob: It was pretty funny.
Jesse: Do you guys know that the survivors are now 12 instead of 13? Sarah's dead.
Tucker: No don't think it's starting again, do you?
Sean: We'd best hope not.

Then, Jesse's dorky friend Lyle walks up to them.

Jesse: Oh, hey Lyle.
Lyle: Hi. Guessh whatsh, Jesse?
Jesse: What?
Lyle: My dadsh gotsh us a Woodchipper 900!
Jesse: Cool.
Lyle: Wanna come by and throw stuff in it later?
Jesse: I'm...studying with Erik and Nigel tonight. Sorry.
Lyle: Oh, okay...
He walks away.

Eli: What a DORK!
Jesse: Hey, be nice. That's what I thought of you at first, Liz.
Eli: Oh? You wanna go? Let's go, right here, right now.

Sean leans up to Elizabeth's ear.

Sean: It's our free period. Why don't we go back to our room
Eli: Okay.
Sean: See you all later.
Tucker: You go Sean!
Sean: Heh.
Eli: You're lucky, Jesse.
Jesse: Bite me, Liz.
Eli: That's reserved for Sean
All but Eli and Sean: EW!

They walk away, leaving the others.

Jesse: Those two are pretty shameless about their personal life.
Erik: 'Cause they're in love, stupid!
Nigel: But still...
Rob: Enough about those two. What about the fact that the killings
Erik: Might be what?
Rob and Tucker: Hi Meg.

Meg walks up to them.

Meg: Hi guys.
Rob: You look super today.
Tucker: Shut up, butt head. She always looks pretty.
Erik: Come on guys, it's free period, let's hit the arcade.
Meg: Can I come?
All: Yes!

They hit the arcade and then school finishes. It is now night. Lyle is just throwing a box of tissues into the woodchipper.

Lyle: Coolsh...

A Cloak appears behind him.

Cloak: Yeah, you're right!

He grabs Lyle and throws him in, pretty much turning him into red mist and bone fragments as he comes out the other side.

Cloak: That was really easy.

That night, Jesse, Nigel, Erik, Tucker, and Rob are hanging out in Sean and Eli's room, having a good time, watching TV. All of a sudden, it turns to a news station.

News guy: This is an emergency bulletin. This morning, the two surviving killers from the Shepaug incident were busted out of jail leaving two cops dead, both shot in the head. These weren't the first, sadly. A student at the college was gutted and killed last night. There has been instituted 8:00 curfew for everyone that is 25 or younger. Now back to "Cogwheel of Fate".
Sean: Oh damn!
Eli: What, it's not like we're doing anything outside of our room after 8:00 anyways...
Sean: Come on, be serious. Screw the damn curfew! Nunnaly and Millan are free! We don't even know how!
Tucker: Well, if they think me an' Rob is gonna be inside before 8:00, they be crazy.

There is a knock on the door. They open it to reveal another one of Jesse's dorky friends, Ervin.

Ervin: Hey Jesse, have you seen Lyle? He's not back from his dad's.
Jesse: No...let's go to his house and check it out. We can take my car. See you guys tomorrow.
Erik: I'll leave the door unlocked for ya.
Jesse: Thanks big man.

He and Ervin walk out. They then drive over to Lyle's dad's house. They find that his dad is not home and the woodchipper is running.

Jesse: Hmm, he must still be grinding stuff up.

They walk in back to see the Black Cloak sitting there in a lawn chair with body parts of apparently Lyle's dad next to him. He is throwing them into the woodchipper.

Jesse: Oh, um...sorry to interrupt...
Cloak: S'okay...Jesse.
Jesse: Eep.

The Cloak gets up.

Ervin: Is this some kind of joke?
Cloak: Nope, I'm sorry. But folks, give him a hand...and an arm!

He throws an arm at Ervin knocking him down.

Ervin: Jesse, help me!

Jesse goes to help him up but the Black Cloak is upon Ervin too fast and begins to stab him in the back over and over again.

Cloak: Doctor Mackie, I'm afraid he'll never walk again.
Jesse: You sick bastard! We'll kill you for good this time!
Cloak: Oh? Is that so? Well, you can just go tell all your little buddies that the Black Cloaks are back.
Jesse: Lyle...Ervin...You bastard!

He runs to the car and gets in and drives. He then gets back to Sean and Eli's room, slamming the door open. The lights are off.

Sean: What the hell?

Jesse flicks on the light. Sean is sitting up, covers up to his stomach, not wearing anything. Eli is sleeping next to him.

Jesse: The Cloaks are back...
Sean: What?
Jesse: One killed Lyle, his dad, and Ervin.
Sean: You're kidding me...
Jesse: No lie.
Sean: Oh crap...get the others up.
Jesse: Right!

He walks out.

Sean: Hey, sweetie, get up.
Eli: Wha...?

She looks up to see Sean above her. She pulls his head down and kisses him deeply.

Sean: This is not the time. The killers ARE back.
Eli: No.
Sean: I'm afraid so, my love.
Eli: Damn...but it's cool. I can protect myself.
Sean: I know. I've spent these past 3 years with you.
Eli: Oh...and what a wonderful three years...

They go into a flashback. Sean is standing in front of the doorway that leads into the college the front way.

Sean: So...THIS is college. Quite nice.

All of a sudden, a Hispanic girl trying to get past him falls and drops her books.

Sean: Oh, I'm sorry.
Girl: It's okay, man. It was my fault.
Sean: Here, let me help you up.

He lifts her up by her arm. They look deeply into each other's eyes.

Sean: Hi, I'm Sean.
Girl: Hi, I'm Elizabeth. But you can call me Eli.
Sean: VERY nice to meet you, Eli.
Eli: Same here.

Then, Sarah pushes past them.

Sarah: Excuse me. Some people are trying to NOT be late.
Eli: Excuse me? Oh no you just didn't! We were talking. You didn't have to be rude like that.
Sean: Eli, it's okay. She's my ex.
Eli: No it ain't.
Sean: Eli...

Elizabeth walks up to Sarah and punches her in the face.

Sarah: You BITCH!

She runs to her first class.

Sean: That wasn't really necessary.
Eli: Oh well. It felt good.
Sean: Um...I know we just met and all, but you aren't seeing anybody are you?
Eli: No.
Sean: Would you like to go out with me? You know, like boyfriend and girlfriend?
Eli: I'd like that, Sean.
Sean: Really?
Eli: Yep.
Sean: Sweet.

Then, the second year of school, she moved into his dorm room with him. They were almost NEVER seen apart. They were definitely in love. Sarah was definitely jelous, which begot several fights between her and Elizabeth, sending her to the nurse. But, besides that everything was fine. Then, the flashback fades and they come back.

Sean: I just don't want you to get hurt.
Eli: Don't worry, babe. I wont.

Then, Jesse walks in, followed by Erik, Nigel, Rob, Tucker, Meg, and Megan.

Sean: JESSE! Wait until we get some clothes on man!
Everybody: Sorry.

They walk outside for a moment.

Sean: Okay, you can come in now.

They all walk back in. Sean is dressed in his classic "Golfman" shirt and some baggy jeans. Elizabeth is wearing a Hawaiian shirt that belongs to Sean and some shorts.

Jesse: Everybody, I'm afraid to tell you, but the Cloaks are back.
Meg: What? No! No! Nonononononononononono...
Eli: What's wrong with her?
Sean: Trauma. She wasn't always this hot. One of the cloaks beat her in the face with a bat, kind of forcing plastic surgery upon her and giving her extreme trauma whenever she sees a black cloak or hears both words in a sentence.
Eli: Oh. That explains it.

Then, Meg throws herself upon Erik.

Meg: You'll protect me, won't you Erik?
Erik: Um...of course, Meg.
Tucker: Damn man, after all that clan destine worship she picks Erik?
Rob: What's up with that?
Meg: Thank you, Erik.

She kisses him on the cheek and then proceeds to lean against him.

Megan: So, 'they' are back?
Jesse: Yes.
Megan: Well, this time we know, so we can be better prepared.
Sean: Hey, that's true. Good thinking, Megan.
Megan: Yeah, well...
Rob: But still, we can't up and kill them and we don't know who they are, either.
Nigel: Dude, Nunnaly and Millan were busted out of jail today.
Rob: True, but how will we know were to find them?

There is a knock at the door. Sean opens it to reveal Alex Munson, who is looking kind of pale.

Sean: Hi Alex, what can I do for you?

He falls to the ground, dead, with a knife in his back. A note is attached to it.

Megan: Oh my God.
Jesse: Oh...
Tucker: Shit!
Rob: Damn, man. They got Munson.
Meg: Oh Erik...
Erik: I'm right here.
Sean: So, um, who's going to get the note off the knife?
Eli: Bunch of wussies. I'll do it.

She quickly grabs the paper.

Eli: Ahem, "To start off, I'd just like to say nice...Hawaiian girl...Oh my God, he can see me!
Sean: It's okay. Nobody's going to hurt you, I'll make sure of it.
Tucker: Lemme see that!

He takes the note.

Tucker: "...Anyways, we'll be waiting at the old remains of the Shepaug Valley school tomorrow at 8:00. Show up if you dare, and happy Halloween."
Jesse: But that's the curfew.

The phone rings.

Sean: Oh's probably them.

He picks it up and slowly brings it to his ear.

Sean: He..hello?
Muffled voice: What's your favorite scary movie Sean?
Sean: Um...that would have to be...
Voice: Would it be, "The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas"?
Sean: Aaron?
Aaron: Hey bud-dy.
Sean: Dude, how have you been?
Aaron: Okay. Actually, being I'm with Kristen, never better.
Kristen:(in background)Hi!
Sean: That's wonderful.
Aaron: So how's Sarah?
Sean: She's dead. She died last night.
Aaron: No way dude.
Sean: No, she really is.
Aaron: Shit, man. I never got to apologize for making fun of her all those times.
Sean: You never would have apologized.
Aaron: Well, I know, but now she's dead, and I feel REALLY bad.

Sean looks to see everyone staring at him. He covers the receiver.

Sean: It's Aaron.
All: Oh...
Meg: Let me talk to Kristen.
Sean: Aaron, put Kristen on the phone.
Aaron: Okay, hold on.
Kristen: Hello?
Sean: Hey cutie.
Kristen: Oh shut up, Sean. How's Elizabeth?
Sean: Oh, she's great. Here's Meg.
Kristen: Thanks. Talk to ya later.

He hands Meg the phone.

Meg: Hello?
Kristen: Hey sis.
Meg: Hi Kristen.
Kristen: How are you?
Meg: Okay. I guess.
Kristen: Oh? What's wrong?
Meg: 'They' are back.
Kristen: NO!
Meg: Yes. The killers of 'The Chicks' are back.
Kristen: Did THEY kill Sarah?
Meg: Yes...
Kristen: Oh man. Any good news?

Meg looks at Erik and smiles. He smiles back.

Meg: I finally hooked up with somebody.
Kristen: Who?
Meg: Erik.
Kristen: No way!
Meg: Yes way.
Kristen: That's GREAT Meg.
Meg: Thanks. Where are you, anyways?
Kristen: We're in New Jersey.
Meg: Oh? Well, I gotta go. Here's Sean.

She hands the phone to Sean.

Sean: Hey, lemme talk to Aaron.
Kristen: Okay.
Aaron: Yeah?
Sean: I'll talk to you soon okay?
Aaron: Yeah. Bye.
Aaron and Kristen: BYE!

Sean hangs up the phone.

Sean: Let's get busy...

They all go off in their separate ways. The following morning, Sean is woken up with a scream.

Sean: What is it?
Eli: My comb, it's gone!
Sean: Jeez...You don' need a comb, you're beautiful anyways...
Eli: Really?
Sean: Of course, come here.

She walks over to him.

Sean: Look in the mirror.

She does, and he takes hold of her chin, ever so gently.

Sean: That person looking back at you is the single most beautiful thing God has ever made.
Eli: Oh Sean...

She embraces him.

Sean: Thank you, Dark Angel.
Eli: What?
Sean: Nothing.

Later that day, they all meet at the college cafeteria.

Tucker: So, what are we gonna do?
Sean: I say get a bunch of guns, go to the school and blow the crap out of them, ending it all.

Everybody stares at him.

Sean: I mean the OLD school!
Everybody: Oh...
Megan: That would make us just as bad as them.
Erik: Yeah, but I want to end Meg's pain.
Meg: Oh Erik, you're so sweet...
Rob: So, where are we going to get guns? Do any of us have gun licenses?

Meg raises her hand.

Meg: I...I do.
Eli: YOU'RE gonna buy us guns?
Meg: ...Yes. No. I don't know!
Erik: Both of you, simmer down now. If Meg's our only hope, so be it. I'll go with her.
Meg: Thank you, hon.
Sean: Okay back at my room at 7 tonight.
Everybody: Okay.
Sean: Oh, and Jesse?
Jesse: Yo.
Sean: Knock first, please?

Everyone laughs as they set off, leaving Sean and Eli.

Eli: I have a few guns in my locker...
Sean: WHAT?
Eli: I have enemies...
Sean: Okay...

He gets up.

Eli: Where are you going?
Sean: I have to do some stuff...

He walks out to the parking lot, where he gets into his car and drives to his parent's house. He then walks in.

Sean: Hello?

His 16 year old, little brother, Jordan, walks in.

Jordan: Hey Chuck.
Sean: How's it going Ray? Mom or Dad home?
Jordan: Nope.
Sean: Is Lindsay or Taylor?
Jordan: No, why?

Sean walks up to him and wraps him in a huge hug.

Jordan: What's going on?
Sean: I love you Jordan.
Jordan: you too. Now could you get off? This is a little gay.
Sean: Oh shut up.

He lets go of him and playfully punches him in the arm.

Jordan: Want me to give them a message?
Sean: Just tell them all I love them...
Jordan: All right.
Sean: I'll see ya...
Jordan: Bye.

Sean walks out as tears well up in his eyes. He gets in his car and drives around for a while. In Bridgewater, Erik and Meg get out of Meg's car and walk into the Bridgewater Gun shop.

Meg: Could I...uh...
Erik: We need 5 handguns, 3 rifles, and 2 shotguns.
Man: Okay...

He gives them the weapons.

Man: Gun license?

Meg shows him hers.

Man: Okay, that'll be 2100 dollars please.
Erik: ...Okay.

He gives him the money.

Man: Have a nice day.
Erik: Yeah...
Meg: Th...thank you.

They walk out.

Erik: I hate people sometimes...
Meg: Erik, thank you.
Erik: Sure.
Meg: I love you.
Erik: What?
Meg: Do you have wax in your ears? I said I love you.
Erik: you too.

He hugs her. She kisses him. He kisses back. Across town, Tucker and Rob are at the graveyard.

Rob: Hey guys. How's it goin'?
Tucker: Hey Eamonn, Meg's going out with Erik now...
Rob: Nigel's club is running strong, Eric...Oh my God, it's all my fault!
Tucker: What are you talking about?
Rob: I was always beating the crap out of Kenny, and I never got to say I'm sorry...
Tucker: I'm the one that threw him into the dumpster, I pretty much killed him.

Nigel walks up to them.

Nigel: It's not your fault, either of you. Blame it on Jon...
Rob: Yeah, but I feel so horrible!
?: You should...

They turn to see a black cloak leaning against a grave, tossing a large, rigged, hunting knife up into the air and catching it.

Cloak: Hey boys.
Nigel: You...
Cloak: It is your fault Kenny died, Tucker. And you have every right to feel horrible, Rob.
Tucker: Shut up.
Cloak: Make me.

With a mighty yell, Tucker runs towards him and jump kicks him in the ribs, knocking him over.

Cloak: OW!

He slashes at Tucker, cutting him deep in the arm.

Tucker: Damn it!

He punches the cloak unconscious.

Tucker: My arm...
Nigel: Shit dude, we have to get him to a hospital, he's hurt pretty bad...
Rob: But what about him?

He gestures to the Black Cloak.

Nigel: Well, uh...throw him in the trunk.

Rob complies, lifting the killer and throwing him in the trunk of Nigel's car.

Rob: This dude's pretty heavy.
Nigel: Let's go.

He helps the injured Tucker into the car and they drive to the hospital. In Roxbury, Megan is talking to the rest of the cheerleading squad.

Megan: And if I am to leave tonight, then I'm leaving Nancy in charge.

The rest of the cheerleaders nod. A tall, attractive, blonde raises her hand.

Megan: Yeah, Nancy?
Nancy: Are you going to fight those guys that killed all of your friends three years ago?
Megan: Well...yes.
Nancy: Oh, well, okay.
Megan: Huh?
Nancy: Tee hee, nevermind.
Megan: All right, see ya later guys.

She hops into her car and drives off.

Nancy: Alright girls, let's pratcERK!

A knife is crammed through her back, coming out her chest.

Girl 1: Oh my GOD!

The knife is pulled out and a Black Cloak steps out from behind her.

Cloak: This blonde won't be having more fun if she's dead.
Girl 2: Please don't kill us...

The cloak begins to advance towards her. She tries running, but trips, and he cuts into her unmercifully. He then turns to the other girls.

Cloak: This will be fun.

He turns his cloaked hand over the blade, cleaning the blood off and walks towards them. Later that night, everyone but Tucker and Nigel are assembled in Sean's room.

Sean: Is everyone ready?
Megan: Yeah.
Erik: Yep.
Meg: I...guess.
Jesse: Uh-huh.
Eli: You know it, baby.
Rob: As ready as I'll ever be...uh-oh.
Sean: What uh-oh? Why is there an uh-oh?
Rob: Me and Tuck and Nigel bumped into one of the cloaks earlier. and well, him and Tucker fought and Tucker won, but got his arm cut.
Sean: Yeah? So?
Rob: We kinda put him in the trunk of Nigel's car.
Sean: Uh-huh...
Rob: He's still in there.
Sean: What?
Rob: I kinda forgot about it, helping Tucker and all.
Sean: So what are we supposed to do now?
Erik: Oh, I know! Go to the school and kick their murderous asses!
Sean: But what about Tucker and Nigel?
Eli: What time is it?
Sean: We have 30 minutes left.
Eli: I'll see you in 10...

She walks out.

Sean: Wait a sec...the New Milford hospital is a good 15 minute drive going one way...

10 minutes later, a horn beeps.

Erik: No way that's her...

Jesse looks out the window.

Jesse: Holy crap! She pulled it off. Uh-oh...
Sean: What now?
Jesse: You front bumper's pretty messed up...
Sean: Cracker!
Meg: Shall we go?

They walk out.

Rob: My car!

He sees that the trunk has been cut in half.

Sean: No time...let's roll.

They get into their respective cars and drive towards the old school. In his car, Sean gets a little nervous.

Sean: The final battle...this is coming together like a good rpg...
Eli: Sean?
Sean: Wassup?
Eli: Shut up.
Sean: Okay...

They all arrive at the school at exactly 7:00. They step out, each with their chosen weapon or weapons.

Black Cloak 1: Welcome.

They look to see 5 black cloaks.

Sean: Go on, reveal yourselves.

They remove their cloaks, revealing Nunnaly, Millan, Richie Robertson, Audrey Kimball, and...Jon.

Sean: Richie? Audrey?
Richie: It's RICH! Jeez, am I doomed to be Richie forever?
Audrey: Shut up.
Rich: Sorry...
Jon: Howdy guys.
Erik: Jon...
Tucker: Which one of you cut my arm?

Millan raises his hand, smiling.

Tucker: I appreciate it...

He shoots him several times, killing him.

Jon: DAMMIT! You killed Millan!
Tucker: Yeah? So?
Nunnaly: Tucker, that was mean...
Tucker: Don't tell me about being mean, you're the one who...

A knife is shoved through his chest.

Tucker: Ow...

He falls down to see Rich standing over him.

Tucker: Bastard...
Rob: NO!

He shoots Rich in the chest.

Rob: You bastard!

He runs over to him and shoots him over and over, until he runs out of ammo.

Jon: Man...

She runs over to him and drops to her knees.

Audrey: No...
Rob: That bastard killed Tucker.
Audrey: I LOVED him!
Sean: Jon, how the hell did you come back?
Jon: I have no idea.
Sean: You sure aren't...aging well.
Jon: Really?

He points his gun at Sean, but Eli runs at him. She gets caught in the crossfire, with the end result of her getting shot in the chest.

Sean: ELI!
Jon: Whoops...

He decks Jon as hard as possible, knocking him out. He then falls down next to Eli. Jesse approaches him.

Sean:(sobbing)Get the hell away form me!

He pulls his gun out and points it at Jesse, who backs up.

Sean: Eli...please, don't die.
Eli: strong...for me.
Sean: can't leave.
Eli: Sean...I'll always be there for you. No...matter...what, remember,

She passes away.

Sean: ELI!

He cradles her body back and forth.

Audrey: Oh, Sean...I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm doing's 'cause of Rich. He talked me into it.
Sean: Shut up! All of you!

Nunnaly sees that Jon is getting up. Jon walks over to Sean and puts the gun up to his head.

Sean: You'll see her soon...
Nunnaly: Hey Jon!
Jon: What?
Nunnaly: Ain't life a bitch?

He shoots Jon in the chest. He then turns around and glares at him.

Jon: Sure is, Chris.

He shoots him in the stomach.

Jon: Now, arise, my zombie friends!

He raises his hand and the water in the pond begins to bubble.

Megan: THIS can't be good...

Suddenly, people begin to come out of the pond.

Rob: Oh shit, dude...
Erik: Ea...Eamonn?

One of the zombies is the remnants of Eamonn.

'Eamonn': Hey Erik...
Meg: AH! It's Tracie!
'Tracie': Tee hee, hey Meg.

They begin to open fire on the zombies. Before he can say anything, one, that used to be John Galinski, is upon Nigel. He bites him in the neck and tears his throat open. Meanwhile, Jon approaches Audrey.

Jon: Wimping out on me?
Audrey: Get away from me!
Jon: This is gonna suck for you...

He lifts the knife up, but then, a bullet graces his head.
Sean: Get the hell away from her!
Jon: Hm...

He walks over to Sean and puts the gun to his head again.

Jon: Prepare to...

All of a sudden, a very loud honk is heard as he is run over by a car.

Sean: Dude!

All of the zombies drop to the ground, lifeless. Aaron and Kristen step out of the car.

Kristen: Oh boy...
Aaron: Dude, what the hell did you eat, Jesse?

Everyone stares at them.

Aaron: Was it something I said?

Everybody runs up and hugs them, except Audrey.

Kristen: everyone okay?

Sean surveys the damage.

Sean: Nigel's dead, Rich is dead, Millan's gone, all those zombies are done, Jon's hopefully wasted, Tucker's dead...and so is Eli...

He begins to cry.

Erik: Hey, Tuck is still breathing!

They all run over to him.

Erik: Tucker, say something, say anything!
Tucker: Is that...ugly kid...that stabbed me...dead?

They all laugh, nervously. Then, they hear a noise.

Nunnaly: Dammit, I can't move my legs! I think that smelly bastid paralyzed me.
Sean: saved me.
Nunnaly: Yeah, I know. I was really tired of killing, especially after the cheerleading squad. And when I saw he was gonna kill you, it brought me back me to reality.
Megan: You...killed the cheerleading squad?
Nunnaly: Heh...yeah?

She walks over to him and punches him, rendering him unconscious.

Sean: Hey Audrey!
Audrey: What?
Sean: You kill anybody?
Audrey: No...
Sean: Alright, so you're not a bad guy.
Erik: We should probably take Tucker to the hospital.
Tucker: Good...idea...egghead.
Sean: You guys go ahead...I'm gonna stay here awhile.
Aaron: Me too. Kristen, I'll meet you at the hospital.
Kristen: Okay, hon.

The rest walk to the cars and drive.

Aaron: You okay?
Sean: NO! My girlfriend, the love of my life, just died!
Aaron: I can understand...
Sean: No you can't Aaron...Kristen never died!
Aaron: Good point...I wish I could make the hurt go away for you.

All of a sudden, Jon begins to get up. Sean spins around and blows him away, splattering what was left of him all over.

Sean: Eli...I'll always love you. It'll be hard for me to go on, but I will, for you.

Over the next few days, the survivors lives are plenty busy. In between interviews, funerals, get operations, and sorting stuff out with cops, they really don't have time to spend with each other. A week after Halloween, they are all assembled at the Village Store.

Tucker: Here...we...all...are.
Erik: Yep. Is it over?
Sean: I blew that bastard's head all the way to freaking the Roxbury market.
Meg: I hope you're right Sean.

She snuggles up next to Erik and kisses him.

Jesse: Well, we've all grown up a lot.
Chris: Hey, I'm really sorry about everything.
Sean: We'll learn to forgive you over time Chris. But you did kill all of our friends.
Chris: The others helped, dude.

Sean leans over to him.

Sean: You kill Jenna?
Chris: Um...yeah.
Sean: Score!

He slaps him five.

Audrey: I'm sorry for the hurt and pain Rich caused.
Sean: Well, you didn't kill anybody, so we accept the apology.
Megan: Where the heck am I gonna find a new squad?
Jesse: Well, if you need help...
Rob: You know...
Erik: That would've been funnier if you could talk normal.
Sean: I think it's cool, because you can't tell where one sentence ends and one begins.
Tucker: Heh...yeah.

They all laugh.

Kristen: So, what now?
Sean: We try to move on...
Rob: Where are we gonna go to party being Nigel's dead?

Aaron hold up a piece of paper.

Rob: What is that?
Aaron: The deed to Nigel's Shanty.
Rob: So they didn't close it?
Aaron: Nope. It's still open, just under new management.
Sean: You know what?
Erik: Oh, do tell, Friar Walsh.
Sean: Being this happened twice, do you think it'll happen again?
Sean: What?
Rob: You just jinxed us!
Sean: Opps?

All of a sudden, they hear ringing.

Jesse: What's that?

Sean produces the cell phone that Jesse bought him, along with Aaron and himself, three fateful years ago.

Sean: He...hello?
Girl's voice: Is this Sean?
Sean: Yes...who's this?
Girl: It's me, Amber.
Sean: Hi'd you get this number?
Amber: Double O info, silly.
Sean: Oh...why are you calling?
Amber: I'm in Bridgewater Connecticut right now, outside of...the Village Store.

Sean looks to see a car across the street.

Amber: I was gonna come visit you.
Sean: Hey.
Amber: Hi?
Sean: Look across the street at the kid waving like in idiot.
Amber: Why?
Sean: It's me.
Amber: WOAH!

She gets out off the car and they run up to each other. He then wraps her in a deep kiss.

Tucker: Woah, he sure doesn't need time to heal...

The end...?