Flower in a Bed of Mist

-written by Wolf Mother-



It has been so long since I last saw you. But now, I have escaped from the bonds of darkness that once held my soul so securely.

I need to see you. If not now, then soon. I am free now, but the voices still taunt me...the voices still tear at my mind and feast on my dreaming flesh. You must help me to block out the voices, or they will consume me entirely.

Two men were found dead in the cell beside me, did you know? They had apparently been dead for weeks. But the rats had been gnawing at the flesh on their throats for a long time now. I could hear them chewing. I could hear the blood pooling on the white floors. Not so white anymore...just a little splash of color. The doctors didn't believe me when I told them I could hear noises. I always hear noises.

The voices talk to me all the time, and I shall miss them when you make them go away. They tell me to go home and rest. It's lovely to hear those things sometimes. But not when I miss you so, dearest. Why did you send me here? Do you, too, believe me to be mad? A Mad Hatter? Why, when you know my love for you stretches to the ends of the earth?

Red is such a lovely color, you know. It looks so pleasant on white. Like a flower in a bed of mist.

Your floors were always so white, weren't they? And the walls...the couches...such a waste, to use a bland shade when you yourself are undoubtedly a living rainbow.

Bring me home, dearest, I don't wish to remain here much longer. And perhaps, when I am home, we can add a splash of color to those white walls.

Yours forever