The Blossom's Choice.

His lips were tainted
With burgundy wine
Beneath a bridge
Where the ivory lilies
Sang of Sin
He curled his finger
Seductively, calling to me
From across the green sea

An emerald snake bathed
In boyish charm
His pink, rose-bud tongue
Lashed out in ardour
Teasing, toying
Toying, teasing
With words
I could not resist
I let the smouldering flames
From his charcoal breath
Warm my quivering hands

Sunlight fingers
Danced across my skin
Like the first breath of spring
He came closer
Closer still
We drowned in the cotton caress
Until the sun turned black
Rage, unknown and undiscovered
He drew back and I was

I, the only blossom
Left crushed and destroyed
Beneath his leaden touch
Awakened like a phoenix
From the ashes
And sundered his false wreath
With my vines of hate
I, the only blossom
Swam in the crimson blood
Of the strangled snake
That lay at my roots
I, the only blossom
Rose by choice

A/N: This poem was written for The Kissof Hell website.