"Hey, Quique."

"Hey, Sofía. How are you?"

"Eh, I'm fine." I'm a bad liar. I'm not really fine. Especially when I'm talking to Quique. Did you know that, Quique? Probably not. "And you?"

"A little tired, but I'm fine."

"Uh, good, I. . .guess." I give an awkward smile, but keep talking. "How was your weekend?" Do I care? More than you know. That is, assuming you know. You are a little oblivious sometimes.

"Very fun!"


"Because I saw Lydia. Remember Lydia?" Oooohhhh yeah. I remember Lydia. Once you start talking to her, you don't stop for a looong time.

"Yeah, she lives in. . . somewhere en route to Milwaukee, right?"

"Yeah. We went…fishing."

"Hm." What does one say to that?" Nothing right now. Is my face green yet? Should I ask to go check?

"Yeah. It was really fun."

"Well, bien. I am. . . I am. . . I have. . . happiness? Is that what I mean?"

You laugh, probably because you don't know. Oh, I'm right. "I don't know!"

Miss Hoffman clears her throat. "Good Morning! How are you?"

"Wish I could have come," I hush, because I don't know this in Spanish. "Haven't gone fishing in ages!"

"Maybe next time," you say, but I know you don't mean it. I can see it in your eyes. Why bother to do that to me? You could have shut up and let Miss Hoffman talk, but no. Do you know it would make my d—no, LIFE? I open my mouth to say something, but am interrupted.

"Sofía, Quique! Are you speaking in Spanish? Spanish ONLY!"

ERGH! Just when I was close to maybe getting somewhere possibly close to doing something with this guy, I'm foiled again. C'est la vie.


Yeah, it was in Spanish the first chapter because that's the way it would have happened, ya know? So yeah. Hope it wasn't painful, but that's probably the way it would happen if he was in my class.