A/N: Hey, sorry this story is so lame! I've just been itching to write something but haven't come up with any ideas, so I let this song inspire me…it's called 'Nemo' by Nightwish (ha ha ha!) You can find it if you search on Windows media player under 'nightwish nemo'. And so here is the story… End A/N

The nameless girl hurried down the stone steps and into the garden, her pale hands lifting the bottom of her cloak and dress from the rich earth.

She hurried to the bench and sat down, nervously brushing a lock of raven hair behind her ear. Her eyes wandered the moonlit garden, and she jumped slightly at the crash of the waves at the edge of the island.

She composed herself and forced herself to look calm, though inside she was screaming madly to run away. But she couldn't. This had to be done, for the sake of her people…she thought back to last night as she pulled her blood colored cloak closer against the icy ocean wind.

She stepped onto the balcony, for only a moment…

Hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her into a shadowed corner. She panicked and struggled, her mind instantly screaming, rape!

Behind her, someone chuckled, sending shivers down her spine. "Don't worry about me, sweetheart. You should be worried about your people, beautiful."

She froze. "My people?"

She was turned around to face a much older man, probably in his forties, with blonde hair and eyes that glinted maliciously in the darkness. "Yes, your people," he continued, stroking her hair and ignoring her struggles, "there is a threat I…am aware of…to your people, and I need you to meet me in the garden after your parents' ball so that I may speak to you." He moved closer, rank breath filling her nostrils and making her gag. "And if you don't, you'll have much scarier things to worry about…"

She fidgeted, wondering if she should have come. The guy was definitely scary, and she was terrified that he would rape her, but some part of her mind told her to come. From his breath, which she had later recognized, he was a user of the arcane arts. He was probably a sorcerer, and could be very helpful or very dangerous.

She felt his presence at the steps only a few feet away, his magical aura now overwhelming. Of course, she realized. He would have needed to conceal it at a royal function where no doubt someone would recognize the scent of magic.

He stepped closer, now blocking her view of the moon. She frowned and looked up at him, once again afraid.

"So you know what I am." She nodded. "Good, then I will not have to make up lies to you. I'm going to cast a spell on you, and you're going to come willingly, or I'm going to kill you and everyone on this island."

Well, that was blunt.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Why are you asking me? Why don't you just cast it and get it over with?" At the corners of her mind, she could feel tiny particles of magic surrounding him and drawing close.

"Because I am going to…set you in stone, close you away for a later time, and your willingness is needed for you to live as long as I need. Don't argue, just accept the spell when it comes, my dear." She nodded stupidly as the magic drew in closer and closer, pressing down on her. She realized the extent of his power and that there was nothing she could do. She was going to…die? "Just lay down, there's a good girl." She could feel the magic weighing down on her as she lifted her feet over the bench and lay down, pulling her hands over her eyes in a futile effort to hide from the feeling of the magic pressing on her, closing her in and suffocating her in darkness.