The soul within lies just beyond
Every moment late has grown
The shallow waters of a pond
Another one I die alone

Words I say so carelessly
All those virus cries I ate
Buried sweet beneath a tree
Sealed in a waxy fate

The emotion of a simple cry
Blood-soaked shrieks I heard by night
Spill glassy tears down from the sky
Heard less by day quite such a fright

I never knew you'd come for me
Echoed creaking of the door
Blue waves rolling 'cross the sea
Dripping to a black stone floor

Mem'ry of your happy laugh
An ice-caked voice filled itching black
Strolling down a garden path
Like slivers run against your back

In shadow faces change so fast
Darkness merely frightens so
Like heavy clouds when overcast
For all within we do not know

Never see in sun at noon
Murder from a broken heart
Eyes reflected by the moon
Turns to madness turned to art

No more will I feel the bath
Chunk caked claws to drift forever
Of softened breeze on your behalf
All is done, awaken… never