They snuck around carefully, guns at the ready and quick on their feet. "You ready?" a person in black breathed.

"Yes. I'm more ready than before," a woman replied.

"Here we go…" he rounded a corner and started pulling at the trigger wildly, releasing bullets into the air and killing several people as he went. The woman backed him up and when every living thing in sight was no longer alive, they swiftly turned another corner in the alley.

"This is getting dangerous," the woman said, "are you sure you want to continue?"

"As soon as we get this job done, we'll be finished with it all and then we can settle down and have kids, a new family, and a new life. Are you sure you want to stop now?"

She shook her head and he nodded ever so slightly. "Alright then," she said finally, "let's do this thing." Stealthily making her way down the narrow passage, she readied her gun and sharply turned the corner. The man was to take the opposite direction when he heard a yelp and he sprinted at his top speed to where his partner was headed. Raising his gun as he turned that very same corner, almost dropped it when he saw her being held captive by what appeared to be their enemy, who was holding a gun at her head.

"You piece of shit," he spat, "let her go or you're going down to hell!"

"Do you really think that I'm going to let you get away with this?"

"Bastard! At least let her go! Take me instead!" he pleaded.

"I can't let either of you go or you'll spread my secrets," the other man said as he unlocked the trigger of his gun. "If you shoot me, she dies. If you turn yourself in, you'll both live."

"Yeah, live in jail? Some life that is!"

"Shut up, bitch! Your life is on the line here! I don't think you should be one to talk," he hissed as he pressed the gun into her head some more. "I'll give you ten seconds to choose; either you turn yourself in, or I'll kill this woman right before your eyes and then kill you right after."

"I don't want either!" the man fell to his knees and screamed, his gun still pointed at the man.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five—"

"Okay, okay! I'll choose!"

"—four, three, two…"

"No! Wait!"

"…one." A smirk spread across his lips, and the sound of a gunshot pierced through the air, frightening any living creature that was close enough to hear it.