Don't Wanna Close My Eyes

Chapter Two

"Where do you want to start?" he asked, though he knew where he wanted them to start.

"Anywhere is fine," Kit answered as Maple looked around in curiosity. Never before in her life had she seen so many people crowded in one place, wearing nice clothes, and smiling. Sure, there were many kids at the orphanage, but it was nothing comparable to what she was seeing now. After all, electrical sliding doors were something new to the sisters, and Scott felt like an idiot for taking the girls out in public.

"Let's see where the nearest store is," Scott said to himself as he walked to one of the maps. "Hmm…children's stores…teen stores…" Kit stood nearby, keeping an eye on her sister so that she would not wander out of her sight as she was so amazed at all of the things that she'd never seen before.

"How about we start at the lingerie store?" Scott suggested with a small smirk, and Kit almost let out an audible gasp.

"The…lingerie store?" she asked worriedly, trying to conceal the color that was showing up on her cheeks.

"Well, it's the closest store," Scott replied, loving how he was bothering her so.

"Okay…we'll start there, I guess," Kit got out before running off getting Maple, who was busy looking curiously at toys.

'I have her cornered,' he sniggered as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and strolled over to the store.

"Maple, we're going shopping now," Kit sighed as she pulled her sister away from the toys that she never had and towards the lingerie store.

"Shopping for what?" Maple asked.

"I have to buy some lingerie."

"What's lingerie?"

"Underwear…that kind of stuff," Kit said quickly as she sped her pace up a little, seeing as Scott was waiting outside the door.

"Do I have to buy some?"

"Not until you're older, I don't think. Besides, they probably don't have your sizes at this store."

"Oh. Okay then." They walked towards Scott, and Maple was already disgusted by the stuff she was seeing on the other side of the glass. "Sister, why do you have to buy this stuff? It's disgusting!" she complained while trying to old back a fit of laughter.

'Typical nine-year-old,' Kit told herself as she walked into the store and Scott followed. "You can sit right here on this bench," she told Maple, "and wait until I'm done."

"Okay, fine. But you better hurry," Maple pouted and she sat down on the bench right outside of the store where her sister could keep an eye on her.

"Hi there, how may I help you?" a girl that didn't seem very much older than Kit approached her and Scott.

"I…err…" Kit started to blush.

"Why don't you go with this kind lady…? I'll go take care of Maple."

"The name's Mariah," Mariah smiled.

"That's a pretty name," Scott smiled.

"Thank you. You can come with me," she offered, and Kit just hurried off with her.

'She's embarrassed. How cute,' he thought.

"So what would you like me to help you with?" Mariah asked.

"I guess I need a couple bras and panties," Kit sighed.

"Don't mind me asking, but who is that guy?"

"He's my new father. He just adopted my sister and me a couple of days ago, and he's kind of creepy," Kit confessed.

"Yeah, I can tell. Your name is…?"

"Oh. My name's Kit. Nice to meet you," she smiled.

"That's a nice name."

"Thank you."

The two walked to the changing area at the back of the store, way behind racks and racks of underwear, chatting away happily as Mariah helped Kit find the sizes she needed. It turned out that they were both the same age, and Mariah was there for a part-time job.

About a half of an hour later, they were all finished and Scott walked into the store. "You all set?" he asked as he eyed the underwear that Kit was holding.

"Yeah, I guess," she mumbled.

"Well I have to go help other people now. It was nice meeting you, Kit!" Mariah waved as she went to help another customer.

"Bye Mariah!"

Scott looked around the store and saw some sexy underwear. Walking over to the rack, he picked it up and smiled. "Hey Kit, isn't this cute?"

Walking over, Kit almost choked on her spit. Scott was holding up some of the most revealing lingerie that she had ever seen in her life, and she felt as if her heart was skipping beats as it thumped madly against her rib cage. "I don't really like it," she said quickly as she turned to look at some other pajamas, pretending to be interested.

"Oh. I guess we should pay for this now, eh?" he asked.

"Yeah…" she said as he walked with her to the cashier and he put everything down on the counter for the guy to scan in. 'What's a guy doing in a place like this?' Kit wondered. 'Who cares, he looks cute…' She stared into his hazel orbs, taking in his dirty blond hair and features as he worked.

"Thank you," he said suddenly and she snapped back into reality. He folded everything up and slipped a receipt and all of the clothes into the bag. "Have a nice day," he said and caught her eye.

"You too," Scott scoffed and dragged Kit out of the store, taking the receipt out to make sure that nothing was miscalculated. "Here, hold this," he ordered, shoving the bag at her. He then looked down the list of items bought from the store and made a note of the sizes…

"Hey sis!" Maple called from the bench in which she was sitting on with another girl her age. Kit assumed that it was a new friend she'd made when she was in the store.

"Hey Mape. Who's this?"

"Oh! This is Tina. I met her just awhile ago when you were still inside buying…that stuff," she giggled.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Tina smiled.

"Hey, I'm Kit."

"Right, well we have to go buy other clothes now," Scott cut in as he stuffed the receipt back into the bag. "Say bye to your friend."

"Bye Tina! I'll see you later!" Maple waved as she skipped off with her sister and…father.

"Bye Mape!" Tina called after her.

"Right, now that we have everything that you need," Scott said, "let's head home."

They spent the whole day shopping. It was just before dinnertime and the burgers they had in the food court weren't doing them any good anymore. The three bought lingerie, clothes for both of them, toys, and whatever else they needed. Did the girls know that they aren't going to go shopping like this for a long time to come? Of course they didn't, for Scott wasn't planning on telling them until they looked like rag dolls again.

Once arriving home, Scott parked the car in the driveway and they all got out and went inside. They took out their old clothes in the drawers and closets and threw them out, replacing them with the newer ones and many more.

Kit went down to the kitchen to make their dinner while Maple played with some of her new toys and Scott to make some phone calls.

He sat down at a desk in his room that he forbade the girls to ever enter unless with his permission, and pulled out a catalogue; a lingerie catalogue. Dialing up a number, he placed an order for something and then hung up, calling several other numbers for numerous reasons, until Kit said that their dinner was ready and they all sat down at the table to eat their pasta. When they were finished, the two girls went to clean up once more and Scott locked himself in his room again. It was filled with papers and magazines and other items of many assortments in one part; he also had a large bed in it, a walk-in closet and a personal bathroom. A thick royal blue carpet covered the floor, and a lighter tone of paint covered the walls. He had chestnut brown furniture like Kit's room, too.

The phone on his desk rang, and he went to pick it up. "Scott Morrison speaking," he said. A voice on the other line spoke, and he nodded to himself. "Okay, I see how that could work. Okay; okay. That sounds great. Thank you very much." And he hung up.

'The order's coming in soon,' he thought to himself as he walked over to his bed and lay down on his back. 'The sooner the better,' he chuckled to himself.

Kit tossed and turned in her bed that night. She was having nightmares of many sorts…

"From this day on, you are my daughter," an evil voice whispered in her ear. "You will do what I tell you to, whether you like it or not." His breath tickled the nape of her neck and she shivered. He eyed her from head to toe, taking in every feature as he walked around her in circles, ever so slowly; like a pride of lions watching its prey, closing in on it slowly…

"My, my, are you ever a beautiful one," he said as he traced a finger down the stain of a tear on her face.

"Please stop," she whimpered. "Please…"

But that didn't stop him. Why would it? It just urged him to continue; to go on. He pushed her against a nearby wall and forced his lips on top of hers; shoved his tongue down her throat. She sobbed and sucked in ragged breaths as he chewed on her bottom lip, blood flowing to the surface.

"Remember; you will do what I tell you from now on." He smirked as he walked out of the room, leaving her all alone to cry.

Her blurred vision melted and warped into another dream…

It was a rainy day. The skies were overcast and the clouds were black. A little girl that appeared to be no older than six stirred into her little bed, and her parents comforted her.

"Don't worry, darling," the mother said soothingly, "everything will be just fine. Daddy and mommy are just going to go on a vacation for awhile. Jodie's coming to watch over you, okay? Now be a good girl and take care of your sister." Stroking the girl's cheek, the woman held back tears as she stepped back and her husband kissed the girl on her forehead.

"But where are you going?" the little girl murmured.

"We're going on a very long trip and we don't know when we'll be back. Be a good girl," her father cooed and she stopped shifting around. "Take care of your little sister."

"Yes daddy, I'll take care of her," she murmured again.

"That's a good girl." They each hugged their daughter and wiped away tears. Then they left the house after the sitter, Jodie, arrived. The little girl watched from the top floor, pressing her little hands against the foggy window. Her parents pulled out of the driveway in their black car and drove away slowly. Jodie walked up the stairs and into her room and comforted the little brunette as she cried into her shoulder.