The Dream

I run through the tangle of brambles and underbrush, chasing after the figures before me. The plants pulled and yanked at my clothes, hindering my movements, preventing me from reaching the three figures that walked lazily through them. I can't make out their forms; they are silhouettes against the dark grey sky. I know them, and they're leaving me behind.

Vines entangle my legs, while thorns grab me. I can't run anymore, I can't see them anymore. I'm pulled to the ground as more of the foliage grips me. I kick and scream, desperately trying to free myself so I can catch up to them. But after a few moments I lie still, defeated and slowly accept my fate. Tears tumble down my face, but I accept nonetheless. Slowly, as if fighting its way through, the sun appeared through the dark, ominous clouds above. The vines and brambles withered when the beams of light fell upon them, freeing me.

I didn't get up right away; afraid of what I might find, but when I finally lift myself from the ground I was in a meadow quite different from the field I had been running in. The sun drenched field was covered in thick calf-high grass. I had never seen anything so green before. I found I was surrounded by little flowers that resemble daisies and irises, while stout lilac bushes grew scattered around me. A smile spreads across my face as joy and relief fill my being. With a longing glance I look to where I had last seen the figures. They stood on a hill now in the distance, watching me with sincere smiles.

I return it before running around in circles and laughing out loud with my new found respite, touching each one of the little flowers in turn until I get so dizzy I fall over. Even then I laugh at myself, and all the time the three figures stand on the hill and watch me with their smiles.

I wake up with a similar smile on my face. It's still dark out so I turn and look at my clock on my nightstand, but instead my eyes fall upon three little flowers. There's a daisy, iris, and a lilac blossom. I snatch them up in my excitement and run to tell my family about them and the dream, but I find them all sleeping deeply and decide simply to tell them in the morning.

A/n I was told by the teacher running our school literary magazine to write something happy, and this is what I came up with, but it's actually has a very unhappy meaning behind it. Sigh, it's the best I could do, please review to tell me what you think and if you can find hidden meaning ;).