It is an unremarkable day on glossy calendars
Yet a magic has decided to emerge in the world today
For the afternoon sun is warmer than on most autumn days
The trees are swaying in a more rhythmic dance than usual
And the gentle breeze feels more ticklish upon my face
In the distance, the melody of the ice-cream man sounds
Even though he is said to go into hibernation at summer's end
The repetitious tune sounding like a child's wound-up toy

The thought of toys brings back memories from childhood
And all of a sudden, I want to run barefoot in the grass
For that is what I would have done once upon a time
In the end, a walk down memory lane is enough to make me smile
For thinking back on yesterdays makes me feel young
While the simple pleasure of enjoying the sun and trees and wind
Makes me realise that some things are unchanged by time

The disappearance of the ice-cream man's song ends my nostalgia
And I am left feeling solemn and old by reality's blow
For yesterday has somehow turned into a great number of years
Regardless of whether I wanted to or not, I have changed
I wonder then if the carefree existence I once led is truly gone forever
And how I'll feel about yesterday when it turns into half a century

I become aware again of the magic that still lingers in the air
It calms the complicated thoughts running through my mind
I have been thinking too much about the past and the future
One is now history while the other is still a mystery
Perhaps I should focus on my life in the here and now

It is then that a different definition of magic strikes me
The things you learn as you age are magical
Memories of the past are magical
Living is magical

Perhaps it seemed more so when I was a child
For instead of thinking about yesterday or tomorrow
Each day I woke up was simply about enjoying life

And I realise that being older doesn't have to change that
Just take some time out from the chaos in life to enjoy it

For, given the chance, every day can be filled with magic


AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, writer's block hit me hard. It's not that I didn't have ideas, but in the end, forcing myself to write a particular poem just wouldn't work. It's then you know that the only cure is true inspiration, where you don't have to force yourself to do anything, the words flow for you. Only problem is you don't know when it will happen. Obviously, it happened to me today, while I was reflecting about childhood and growing up. It was great! After my prolonged absence from this site, I hope you still enjoyed this poem (the big 1-0-0) and I hope to stick around :)