Authors Note: This is the first story that I've posted on Fiction Press. So please be completly honest about what you think about it!

My Tragic Life

"Never was there so much depression in Salem High as there was about 100 years ago. When 3 students were murdered and 8 female students were raped. Many parents were afraid and wondering who would be the next victim. Detectives said that major suspects were: Lisa Ullman, the 12th grade English teacher; John Adair, the school principal and Michael Benson, one of the janitors. The detectives searched and investigated but never found any evidence regarding the suspects. In fact they didn't find any kind of evidence regarding any suspect. Legend says that you can hear the crys of the spirits of the students at night here in Salem High School. Many students have gone to the school at night in search of these spirits but they all disappeared. Not one has been seen. And the 8 raped girls went crazy after a while. Two of them killed themselves. One of them got sent to a Psychiatric Institution. Another one went out one night to the mall and never came back. Two of the 4 left ran away. Finally, the only one left kept saying that she heard voices. Of course no one believed her. One day her corpse was found in the woods. No one knows who killed her. Unfortunately, all of these students had some kind of sign carved into their forehead. The sign is now used as the school's logo. It means death among us."

"You forgot one," I said. I was new in school and Kathleen was the first person that actually tried to talk to me.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"There were 8 girls raped and you only mentioned 7."

"Oh, well. I guess I'll have to work on that." She had been preparing this story for a long time. She would even practice it on her little brother. 'It's to scare the new teachers' she would say.

"Yeah. But, if it helps I think it was really good"

"Thanks." The bell rung and we both got up. Kathleen was going to take me to the lunch room to meet everyone.

"Hey guys!" Yelled Kathleen from across the lunchroom.

"Hi Kathleen," responded a girl sitting at the left with red-black hair.

"Every one this is Gem. Gem this is Jessica, Caitlyn, Chris and Joanna." She pointed to each one of them as she mentioned her name. They all seemed very kind, friendly and kind of crazy at times (in a good way).

They started talking about what teachers to avoid and which girls were the snobs when something else or someone else caught my eye. I was staring at a guy who was walking through the lunchroom and then stopped to talk to some other guys. He was blond with brown eyes and very muscular!

"That's our good friend Brad," Jessica said. Noticing what I was staring at. "He's single," she took a bite of her sandwich and finished her sentence. "For now."

Yes. For now, I thought.