My Dearest Audrey,

I don't think you and your family realized what you were getting yourselves into when you invited us to come visit you at your summer home. Do you know there will be twelve of us living there this summer? Eight of us Flaherty's and the four of you Reese's!

My younger siblings are thrilled to finally see you. I fear you will be at their mercy when you meet them. In truth my entire family is excited to finally meet you, (as well as Jonathan and his family). They have heard so much of you and our adventures at the "Ladies College of Delaware and the Academy of Etiquette." I laugh still over Mrs. Harding's missing wig (and I confess, I have retold the story many times to my family).

I must warn you also, my dearest Audrey, that my impudent twin, Patrick, will , I am sure, do his best to annoy us to wits end. He is truly a pest, although he is nothing compared to Ronan! My dear eldest brother is as childlike as ever and I fear for us should Ronan and Patrick come together against us!

I am excited to be coming North again, though Virginia is not much farther than North Carolina. As you may have noticed I said only eight of us will be joining you up North. Aisling started attending "Ladies College of Delaware and the Academy of Etiquette" this year and won't be able to make is ill again and feels it necessary to remain behind at Avalon to rest while it is quiet. I can understand why, with eight children underfoot a little peace and quiet is hard to come by!

We will be arriving at Marseilles on Tuesday May 6th on the 10:00 train. I can not wait to see you my dear friend and anxiously awaiting our trip.


Dempsey Ann Flaherty