Bonjour mon amie!

Oh, I am so excited about our upcoming trip (it is approaching rather quickly to my delight) that I find even the most favorable words lacking. Twelve people you say? Well this shall be quite a change for Moi after living with my petite family. It is quaint though so I've no right no complain. My family is just as happy about meeting your big Irish family as I am, I am sure I will adore all of your siblings.

Oh! Well I have news to tell you mon amie! At long last my brother Jonathan and his wife, Katie Rose, have named their little girl. She is so precious and her name is Jean Kristin Reese. I am a little wary of "Jean", I actually had to stifle a chuckle when they announced it to me. Well, I supposed she can always go by Kristin if she finds Jean as unflattering as I do. Kristin is quite a pretty name, so all will be well.

I found myself laughing in the park when I read your letter. The part about our days at college brought tears of laughter to my eyes. Well, I now know how to fully cook a turkey (though I am quite confused as to when I will ever need to know how). Any who, I am still quite befuddled as to what happened to Mrs. Hardings' wig. . . a mischievious grin crosses my lips as I say this.

So you told your family about our adventures and guilty doings? Ha, they must think that I am some sort of mischief maker. Well, they will be surprised because I have now almost reached my goal as Queen of Society, but my heart still holds a soft for tricks. I must close this letter my dearest chum, there is an exciting ball tonight and I must prepare. My family will be arriving ahead of you but I will be fashionably late as usual, Mrs. Harding would not approve. . .then again I don't approve of faux wigs so I suppose we are even. Tell everyone I say hello and tell your mother that we shall miss her, but she is to enjoy her peace and quite, I will keep you all entertained!

With Much Love

Audrey Doreen Reese