Thoughts awoken
Wasted without paper
At my fingertips
Falling down an infinite well
Of lost thoughts

Dripping water
Unlocks my mind to the page
Not music
And not silence
A strange and surreal portal

It unlocked so much
But they were wasted in the well
I tried to fish them out
The line wasn't long enough
The music wasn't there to hold them back
Better locked up
Than lost forever

Still pointless thoughts
The deeper one's lost
Or locked up
Thinking when we die
I can't say:
I told you so
Those on a path to righteousness
It's has a cliff at the end
You will be falling
A waste of a walk

While I sit and wait
Wait to die
Pass the time with thoughts
The ones that aren't lost
Turn to words
For those to read and ponder
Whilst I wait
We all wait

The sound of water unlocks the thoughts
But I am still blank
In the end we all are