You lied. You lied again,
Leaving me broken alone,
You held my heart in front of me,
Tore it out ripped it apart.

I gasped for the air,
Blood tears ran down my face,
This isn't what I wanted to be,
But you held all the cards.

My spirit, my soul, my heart,
You stole then all but one,
You tried to manipulate me,
Though my spirit lives on.

You thought it was my fault,
Isn't it always me?
I don't live my life no more,
Guys like you do.

Whats left now?
Who can pick up the pieces?

No one.

A shattered life still alive,
A hollow shell of nothing,
A happy life a joyful soul,
Now is empty and alone.

Wounds are deeper,
Scars are on display,
If I would change I would,
But you did and will hold the cards.