Too many words you say about me,
Too many people think they know me,
You tell my secrets my life.

You saw inside of me ,
Then you freaked out,
Leaving me without a say,
What did I do wrong?

I cried and bled for you,
Only for you,
I wished to take your pain away,
I wanted you to be free.

Now I walk and people stare,
You spoke words of truth,
But the lies did the damage.

I wished for your happiness,
I wanted you to be carefree,
Why would you curse me
For trying to help you?

My intentions were right,
But your yelling cursing,
The beatings and pain,
And you got me in return.

I screamed, cut, yelled, cried,
I hated and wished to be alone,
But you went on and on at me.

You left finally and then opened your mouth.