Each scar tells a story,
Each on individual,
Our time together,
Has now been ended.

Your name carved in the skin,
Scaring me forever,
You will always be with me,
You can't escape.

All these thoughts built up,
I pretended it was how I wanted,
But I was wishing it would go away,
You didn't I won't let you.

Run, hide you can't escape,
I told you I was messed up,
You didn't believe me,
You now I was the worst.

I let your words take over,
How you 'cared' and 'loved' me,
Why are you making me relive this,
Past words people memories coming back.

I sit here writing this now,
Listening to Linkin Park.

In the music practice room,
As I did three years ago.

The pain isn't there though,
Its all anger and hate,
How I wish you would see,
You never knew me.