Pietros Val Patricio


Whenever a soul experiences a sudden death, it is often left in shock and confusion. It is unaware of its death and lingers around until it realizes that it has already passed away. Others stay on earth until they accept their own demise or after saying farewell to the ones they love. The longer a soul remains on earth, the more it hurts its loved ones. Memories of the late person come back in mind and the presence of the soul only puts them in pain and makes them suffer by having them think and mourn over the loss. It will always haunt them in their daily lives. The soul appears in their dreams and physical visions and places them in agony being unable to live on. When a soul does not accept its own death, things can turn out catastrophic. Those who are left confused often need assistance from other souls. Just like me.

When we are alive, we frequently think about death. It is a neglected theme in society, not many people take it seriously. Many would rather desire to live immortally even though death is actually part of life. To experience what life is, one would also have to embrace death. Most of those who don't believe in an afterlife are often afraid of dying. Many don't even dare to think about it. They say that once you are gone, you stop existing and slowly vanish from the surface of the earth, which is true. There is actually no such thing as a life after death. Life is in your body, it is ecological; it is an element of nature. It will all be gone once you die. Your remains will decay and return to their origin, the good earth. We may be dead once we fade away but a part of our being remains. We still exist. And this part of us is called the soul. It is something that science will never verify. When I was alive, I also thought about death very often. We usually get curious about it at some point of our lives. They always say that slumber is the daily preparation for our last hour. From the day we are born, every moment that passes in our lives already brings us a step closer towards the finale of our earthly existence. I always imagined that everything would be like a dream. Once in heaven, it usually takes time to adjust and adapt for the most of us. We find ourselves in a place that is endless and cannot be measured by any time or distance. We are the ones who shape our own surroundings by our thoughts, memories, feelings, experiences and desires. And by things we want to see and face or take for real. We are curious at the beginning and need guidance until we become independent in our own visions. Many figure out once they die that having a long lifespan doesn't play a big role in our existence at all. Once we are dead, we don't realize it at first because all the happenings from that point on have to come from our own choices. We can only see what we choose to see. And we feel what we want to feel. Odd as it may be, I've never really pondered about that. When we die, everything in our persona changes and the short-lived life that we had already marks us of who we were as human beings. It will always remain in us as a trait. It is like a birthmark and a key to unlock many things in the afterworld. Everyone who passes away will enter the great gateway where an honorable man by the name of Peter awaits us. He will be the one to give us the approval whether we can enter or not. By the moment we arrive, a new era begins, maybe not a new life but rather a new existence that will give us a whole new meaning of who we are. We are free to embrace our own universe and have it for ourselves. There, every individual is laid back. They all have their own story. They talk about the people they've left behind, their thoughts, memories and achievements. Each story of one's life is always unique even if it can also be a tragic one. It is like a collection of stories. Every life experiences sweetness and bitterness, darkness and light, sorrow and joy. All belong together like a single melody. People here usually tell about their own lives. I did not live a very long life. I died at young age and I wasn't ready to leave them all behind but I accepted it. I did not achieve much in my lifetime. But here, I always longed for the impossible. My story stretches beyond my life. It tells about an unusual desire of fulfilment as a soul.