"Love the world!" the chorus sings,
Smiling at the crowd.
The audience gladly sings along,
Their voices ringing loud

In the sea of people,
A single girl stands still.
The words have no effect on her,
She has no pulse nor will.

Her eyes stare blankly straight ahead,
Her face betrays no thought.
But in the depths of her own mind,
A battle's being fought.

She hasn't any control over
Where her mind chooses to wander,
And thus she is subject to
A neverending ponder,

It roams over the "what ifs"
And "if onlys" and the like,
Thinking of what could have been,
And what might have been, alike.

She thinks of her life here on earth,
And how empty it just seems.
Friends are here for one moment-
And the next, they're only dreams.

Nothing lasts forever
In this world of hurt and pain,
Betrayal and rejection glares-
Only they'll remain.

She thinks of why she can't let go,
Why she still holds on.
To the past, and to regrets-
This battle can't be won.

She tries so hard to push aside
The emotions that she feels:
A facade, a smiling mask
Her true thoughts aren't revealed.

But now the mask begins to break,
Its smile starts to crumble.
The laughing eyes, the upturned mouth-
Downward they start to tumble.

They pierce her soul like jagged knives,
She knows she can't go on.
Without her mask, her only shield-
Her protection will be gone.

Her anger slowly drowns away,
As do angst and agony.
She has locked herself out of life,
And has thrown away the key.

Her death is met with disregard,
No one really cares.
All but one, who with silent tears,
Whispers a silent prayer.

Merry voices still are heard,
Singing that cheerful song.
But one less soul is there to hear-
She's gone where she belongs.