A white road stretches before me

Straight forward into the shadow.

My image cast upon the ground

So deep like pensive water

I could break,

Cascading downward

A drop of silver

To split the surface.

Ripples rip this pristine shape

My image cast upon a mirror

All is mute, all is simple

One side no color

One shape too transparent

To fully see.

Fading always to a point of no return

A line along which I wish to follow

Disappearing slowly as if to trick

The senses lockedon this side.

A smile half hidden

Not to be shared

Not to be wasted on the young

Or unworthy

This world so full of mud encrusted mortals

In a mirror I shall never die.

Sweet oblivion etched around my eyes

Tainted love about my chin

Desperate pleading in my brows

My face is that of a sinner.

Two worlds meet with the touch of glass

The other looking all but bleak

Beckoning, always beckoning

Come and join me on the other side