I would like all my readers to know, that the first couple of chapters are confusing, but that they will make sense, and everything will be explained in later chapters.

I would like to thank Miss. Princess JoJo for her invaluable editing skills and marvelous ideas. This story would not have been possible without her.

Confused Identity

Chapter One: Out of Place

He shouldn't be here. He knew he shouldn't be here. But he was. He was here. Here- in a cellar somewhere in the lower city. The lower city- exactly the kind of place he couldn't go with permission. So, he hadn't asked. He'd just walked out. Which he shouldn't have.

Looking around he saw several things. Mildewing walls. Moldy food. Little furniture and what there was, was broken and banged. And the others. He wasn't sure who they were and he wasn't going to ask. One looked to be the leader. He was rather small, smaller than most of the others. He sat in a corner, his cap pulled over the top half of his face. His clothes hung on his body as if they were several sizes too big, and they weren't exactly new. Comparing all of the people here, you would never guess he was the leader. He was short and slight and quite skinny, but he had an aura about him. The others also seemed to be much more muscular than him. But with these city folks, you could never tell. He might be the quickest. Or maybe just the slyest. Who knows? He definitely wasn't going to ask.

Others were burly. Dirty. Big. Muscular. He didn't know what those muscles could do and he didn't want to find out. There were others though. Some were about his age. Some were younger. A couple looked like they were only about six or so. He wondered how they had ended up here. He felt rather sorry for them if their sole guidance was that of pickpockets, thieves, and murderers like these. He supposed they probably had little choice in the matter, but it still saddened him.

He was new here and they knew it. They felt that he didn't belong, but here no one was going to say anything. They didn't know him and they didn't know what he could or would do if they asked. He was glad. Then he wouldn't have to lie.

One of the burly men walked up to the lad in the corner, the leader, and whispered in his ear. Only the leader and the new boy heard him say, "You gotta exit now, Highness." And though he spoke as a peasant would, the new kid could tell this was no commoner.

The leader rose nimbly and swiftly, and in a voice too gruff for him, said "'ere's a caravan of nobles comin' and I'm goin' to see it". With that, he hoisted himself through the hole that led up.

Once out, he trotted into a nearby alley. He weaved through dark alleys, open market squares, several gardens, and around a pond. However, he didn't realize he was being followed.