A/N: yes i know, the chapter title is spelled wrong, but i assure you its intentional.

Confused Identity

Chapter 3: Curosity

With a final look back at the man, the new kid scanned his surroundings for the leader, but he had lost him. He set off in the direction that the leader went.

He jogged along keeping a straight path as he skirted puddles, drunks, and beggars. The leader was heading into the slums. He wished the leader wasn't. He really didn't like this area. It was dirty. It smelled. And all the sorts of folks who lived here were neither honest nor good.

Further ahead he spotted the leader turn into a narrow alley. He quickened his pace and skidded into the alley to find himself face to face with a tall brick wall. He looked around him to he saw what he wanted. A hole in the wall. He crawled through and ran into…the leader.

"Wha'…Why are you here? Have you been followin' me? What doya want?" The leader screamed at him.


"Um what?! What do you want?"

"I just want'd to know why he called ya Highness, is all. Ain't nothing wrong with curosity is there? S'all it is. Curosity."

"Well…I...I'm the king of thieves. Wodya expect him to call me? Frank? Or maybe John?"

"Oh. Um…just askin' is all."

With that, the leader turned and strode away. The new kid was too surprised to do anything but stand and stare. After a few minutes at gaping at an empty alley, he turned around and went back through the hole.