I have to give a big thanks to Durine for organizing this. If it weren't for him all this would have been jumbled shitty thoughts that held tons of potential. Thank you.

Have you ever wondered what its like,
To be completely dominated,
To have no control,
To finally get what you always wanted,
From someone else.

Have you ever wondered how you would react
Eyes seeing all, remembering,
Everything shutting off, body numb
At the back of your mind remembering,
Seeing all without knowing,
Always remembering,

Have you ever wondered how you would hide,
Wondering why he breathes so hard,
Only to receive a laugh,
Wishing you could hide under the covers
But knowing the monsters are still reaching after you

Have you ever wondered how you would forget,
Pretending it never happened,
To make claims to innocence,
If only for a while,

Have you ever wondered how you would live,
The slightest touch making you cringe,
Trying to ignore what happens around you,
Secretly watching,

Have you ever wondered if everyone else knows,
That you're permanently marked,
And everyone can see that mark, blatantly in view
Like being exposed again, only to everyone else
Are they avoiding you or are you just paranoid?

Have you ever wondered if it really happened
Hoping it was just a dream
Questioning yourself
Thinking that you are crazy,
That you're the one with lies,
And that maybe just maybe,
He's the one telling the truth?