There once was a girl who was all alone. She had no one to talk to, and no one to confide in. Her name was Emily. She came from the poor part of town with run down houses and a drug dealer on every corner. Emily had no friends, most of the girls at her school stayed away from her. She wasn't bad on the eyes though. Most guys would say they would date her if she would just clean up a bit, and try to be a little less was 5'2, had brown hair, with deep blue eyes, and was 16. Emily had a bad mumbling problem, she would mumble to herself when she was alone, which was most of the time.

Emily's parents didn't have enough money to buy her new clothing, so naturally children at her school made fun of her. See her parents were constantly low on money because they had a little problem. Taylor, her mother, and ,Zach, her step father were addicted to drugs. So Emily's older step brother Richard, also known as Rich, had to go to school and support the family. Richard wasn't bad looking at all. He was 6'7 with light brown shaggy hair and baby blue eyes. The two almost looked like siblings even though they had two different families. Even though they wern't real brother and sister, they loved each other just the same as normal siblings.

Every night Emily's parents fought, so every morning Emily made an excuse not to go to school. Besides her Mother would be so high in the morning that she wouldn't even notice. She hated going to that wretched place everyone else called school. Her peers would yell every morning in the hall "Hey idiot, is you mom and dad still crackheads?" they would snicker and scramble off. They often yelled the comments right in front of teachers, but they never got punished. She often wondered if they even cared.

One night she was sitting in her room, drawing a star on her wrist, when Richard came in. She jumped at his sudden appearence. He walked over to the bed, grabbed the pen, her wrist, and began to color in the star for her. She shuttered at the contact they were making. She had never been close to a boy before. No boy had ever shown affection towards her except, Richard. God she loved her big brother, he was the only one she could talk to besides herself.

"Do you need a ride to school tomorrow?" Richard asked out of the blue.

"Doubt it. Not going." She only staired at the pen moving about on her wrist.

"Emily, you're going to fail, and your going to be stuck in this hell hole for forever. Do you really want that for yourself? To turn out like them?" He pointed to Emily's dirty white door. They could hear their parents in the background yelling something about a pipe.

"No Rich, its just that you don't know how hard it is for me! Kids are always shouting at me in the hall about Taylor and Zach. They never leave me alone about it! I'm sick of it! All of it!" Emily looked down at her torn comforter ashamed for yelling at Richard like that.

"Emily, forget about them. Just remember that I will love you no matter what." Richard sighed and cupped Emily's cheek.

"Infact I'm saving money and as soon as I get enough, me and you are moving out." He smiled at his comment awaiting the day him and Emily could have a home, a real home. Not a place you hate to come home to everyday.

"Taylor will never let me leave. She claims I'm her baby and she's never letting go of me." Emily rolled her eyes as she said the comment.

"Well she better remember that your my baby too! I wuv my wittle sister!" He pinned Emily down on the bed and began to tickle her.

Emily was laughing yet screaming for him to stop. They were both laughing really hard. In fact Emily was about to wet her pants if the madness didn't end soon.

Zach suddenly ripped the door open and began to yell at them. Emily assumed her mom passed out so her moved on to them. Usually he only yelled at Richard. Poor dear Richard, Emily thought to herself, but since they were together, having fun, they both were getting the "fury fest" (What Emily and Richard called his little "fits") tonight.

"What the hell do you think you're doing in here! This is a goddamn house not a circus! I don't want to hear ANYTHING coming from either of you for the rest of the fucking night! GOT IT?"

He slammed the door before they could respond, Emily began to shake a little. Richard still had her pinned down so he could feel it. She kept her eyes locked on the door. Richard's blood began to boil. He hated to see her scared to death like this. He gently picked her up and hugged her tightly, while whispering comforting words in her ears. His love for Emily ran down to the depths of his soul.

She began to calm down a bit, in the comfort of his arms. What would she do with out her big teddy bear-ish brother? She truly didn't know, and that scared her to death.

She soon began to fall asleep. Richard noticed and layed her down in her bed. He began to tuck her in when Emily spoke.

"Rich...Do you think I'm weird?"

He grabbed her hand and began to stroke it softly.

"No of course not! How could you even ask me that?"

"Because everyone else thinks that, hell even Zach does."

Richard clutched the side of the bed tightly with his free hand, Emily noticed his comforting expression went into a scowl.

"Do-don't you EVER think you are lower than either one of our parents. Don't you EVER listen to either one of them. They know NOTHING. You got it kid?"

Emily flenched at his harsh tone and weakly nodded, she felt like a child who asked the wrong question at the wrong time. Richard reached down and kissed her cheek lightly and gazed down at her.

"I love you, Emily. You are the only one that is important to me. Please don't ever forget that."

"I won't, and I love you too." Her voice came out raspy and hoarse.

He smiled and turned off the lamp on her night stand and began to walk out the door, but before he did, he added one more comment,

"Maybe you should put up a few posters or something. You have nothing in your room, or maybe you can draw something and hang it up, kay kiddo?"

She nodded, he couldn't see it, but he knew her every move, and with that, he shut the door.

She reached up and felt the place were he kissed her cheek, and drifted into sleep with a smile on her face.

"You stupid bitch, I knew you would fall for him eventually. It was only a matter of tiiime" the reflection of Emily replied in a sing song voice.

"Oh no, not you again, can't I have just one night alone?" She begin to walk away when her reflection reached out of the mirrow, and grabbed her arm.

"Damn it Emily! How many times do I have to tell you NOT to WALK AWAY from ME." She let go of Emily's arm and begin to laugh.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You, your pathetic! Your falling for your own brother! HA! Even he wouldn't want you." She continued her laughing.

"I'm not falling for him! Thats sick!" Emily tried more to convince herself more than the mirrow.

"I'm sick of toying with you! Just kill yourself and get it over with! I'm sick of being stuck with you!"

With that the other part of Emily, that she kept tucked deep inside of her disapeared, leaving her in the deadly silence.

Emily felt someone shake her a bit and she awoke from her second world, or at least thats what she thought it felt like.

"Wake up beautiful!"

She opened her eyes, and was greeted by the smiling face of Richard, the one she adored.