Emily slowly opened her eyes and found Richard sleeping next to her. That only meant one thing. Karen. When she would scream in her dreams, it was usually Karen's fault. That was because Karen loved to haunt Emily's dreams. Sometimes she regreted accepting Karen in her life. She sighed inward. If only she could tell Richard about Karen. He would know exactly what to do. She silently gazed at him. He seemed so heavenly, almost untouchable. She gently brushed hair out of his eyes. She found herself saying 'If only our parents wern't married...if only'. But even then, he wouldn't want her. He was sexy, intelligent, and hard working. What would he want to do with a mousy girl like her? She didn't know exactly where these feelings were coming from, but they were there, and they were becoming stronger. She watched him intently as these new feelings flooded her.

Richard's point of view.

I acted like I was asleep. I don't know why. Her touch makes me feel alive. I've tried to push these feelings aside, but they keep coming back. This is wrong. All of it. I can feel her graze. I want to take her into my arms and tell her it will all be alright. She doesn't know there's a world beyond these trashy walls of ours. She thinks everyone in the world is bad and will betray her like her father did. I'll never forget the first time I met her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted to be with her as soon as I saw her, but I couldn't. Our parents wedding was less than two months away. Those idiots didn't bother to tell me or Emily that we were going to be siblings. When she walked through the door with her mother I prayed she wasn't going to be my sister. When they introduced her as my new "little sister" my heart sunk. I sucked it up and vowed to protect her. She seemed so helpless. She wouldn't even meet my eyes that night. It took months to earn her trust. Finally a year and half after our parents were married so broke down and told me the true story about her father. The story made tears fill my eyes, but I didn't let one fall. I had to be strong for her...I had to be strong for me. So last night when I heard her screaming in her dreams I came to protect her. I held her for at least an hour. The lack of sleep is really getting to me...


The older man slowly slid himself into the tiny girl, she screamed in pain. He kept moving faster and faster, until it stopped. He rolled off the brown haired girl and passed out on the floor beside her.

"Karen...Where are you? Karen please help me..."

Suddenly a blonde haired girl appeared out of nowhere. She rushed over to the sobbing child and comforted her. She rocked her to sleep and layed her down in a bed.

"Don't ruin this Richard. Me and her need each other. You'll just mess her up even more. I can take care of the both of us. Just back off. This is going to be the only time I'm going to warn you. Got it?"

The girl then vanished into thin air. The little girl laying in the bed then arose and slowly transformed into Emily.

"Richard, don't mess this up. It could cause alot of...damage."

She then grabbed her fathers gun from the dresser and pointed it to her head.


Richard suddenly shot up from Emily's pillows. His breathing was rapid and he was pooring cold sweat. Emily quickly became concerned. She silently wondered if Karen had anything to do with it.

"Bad dream?"

"...You could say that..."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Not really...Sorry."

Richard arose from her bed and walked out the door while mumbling 'I can't mess it up'. Emily then knew, Karen visited him.

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