Author's Note::: This is a small collection of short stories that I have written. ALL OF THESE STORIES ARE BASED ON TRUE EVENTS that either I, or someone close to me, has witnessed. If you do not, or do not want to, believe in ghosts, you probably should not read these short stories. The real character's names have been changed for their own sakes.


A question almost that is almost as wondered about and unanswered as the mystery of life or big-foot myth, is that of ghosts. When I say ghosts, I am referring to evil spirits that wander about this world, or souls of the dead that have come back to warn or scare the living. A few years ago, if you had asked me if I believed in ghosts, I would have laughed in your face and said "Of course not!". I think you will agree with me after reading these TRUE accounts, that the reality of ghosts is not to be ignored, and definitely to be considered. Once again, please DO NOT read on if you are easily scared or do not want to believe that ghosts exist.

The Bronze Handle

Thomas Armstrong's family had lived in the quiet neighborhood of Village Green. The development was relatively new, no more than six years old, and a peaceful and inviting place to live. Thomas' family moved into a large two-story house in a col-de-sac near the front of the neighborhood. Thomas' mother, Nina, worked in the garden and kept the house clean. It was a bright house, strong and sound structurally, and beautiful to look at. The Armstrong's had found a perfect home to raise their only child in.

About two years after they had been living in their still new house, Thomas was a junior in high school and his parents bought a golden-retriever puppy to effectively replace Thomas when he went away to college. Thomas loved the dog, but it was spoiled and untrained, so he neglected it more than it deserved. They named the dog Duke, Thomas' Grandfather's nickname. Duke was young and always playful, and he didn't like being cooped up.

One afternoon, after school, Thomas and his friend Joel went back to Thomas' house and upstairs into a small computer room next to Thomas' bedroom. They got on the internet and started downloading music and playing old computer games. They were having fun until Duke ran in the room and jumped on Joel. He was excited and barked loudly, but Joel was not in the mood. Thomas yelled at Duke and dragged him by the collar downstairs and put up the baby fence they used to keep the dog from coming upstairs.

After he got back to the computer, Thomas noticed that Duke had stopped barking and he was relieved. They kept messing around until they heard Duke start barking again. Thomas rolled his eyes, "Stupid dog!" he murmured, but Duke continued. It startled Thomas how scared Duke's barking sounded. He went to check on him on the landing of the staircase. Duke stood at the fence, teeth baring and hair raised. He growled and roared, staring at something. Thomas looked around, but saw nothing, "Shut up, Duke!" he said, but Duke did not stop.

Thomas went back into the computer room and shut the door, trying to drown out the dog's barking. He sat down again and surfed on the computer.

"Hey, Thomas, I smell something burning." It was only as Joel said it that Thomas himself noticed the smell of burning wood. They both flipped around. To their astonishment and utter awe, smoke rose from the bronze handle on the door. Thomas was stunned and grabbed Joel by the arm. Neither of them new what to do, but watched in horror as the door handle deformed and then melted into a red hot pile on the carpet. Thomas knew that bronze could only melt at temperatures of over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the metal cooled, it hardened into the shape of a Hershey's kiss, and both of the boys stared, scared out of their minds. Before they had the courage to move, a blood-curdling scream pierced the silence and sent chills down their spines. They rushed to the door and pulled it open by the hole where the knob had been to see a girl running downstairs and out the front door of the house. Duke lay huddled in a corner behind a chair, whining as the opened door slammed shut. It was as if the whole house had been shaken as it left, whatever it was.

It was only then that Thomas looked at the door and realized that not an inch of it was burned, or blacked from the heat, and that the whole was perfectly intact, as if no knob had ever been put on the door.

A/N: This is just the first, and probably least scary of the stories I have in store for you. I hope this one caught your attention. Coming up:

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