My love for pain and war hasn't gotten me anywhere. At night I lay around the darkest corners of the street I can find. I never know when someone else like me might come and try to steal me, but I am always ready. When the mortals come, they either leave screaming in pain, or they leave with me, in my body. No one really knows what I am, or who. They know I exist, but won't admit it, and when their children don't come home at night, I am the one blamed. I hate all mortals and I work towards their extinction, hoping someday they will no longer rule this world.

There once was a time when I was also mortal, when I roamed the earth with no fear of anything, a time when I thought myself indestructible. But the thing was that I didn't know how weak mortal bodies were, until I became what I am today. Roaming the dark alleys I wish once again for the freedom that I used to feel, for the times I used to have, I wish for my one and only back.

As I look around the streets lightened with the streetlamps, I become blind and angry. Then suddenly the only light existing is the light of the moon. Some of the people look around scared but don't think too much of it, I then spot my pray. She looks sad and depressed; I decide that the only way to help her is to take her life. Slowly I walk up to her lonely figure standing where a weeping willow tree almost completely surrounds her and the sidewalk in darkness. Her back is facing me and I place my hand upon her shoulder. I whisper in her ear not to be afraid, I tell her that I am going to help her, not once did she even turn around to look into my controlling demon eyes. I began to get angry with her non responsive attitude and spin her around so she is looking straight into my eyes.

I was astonished by how beautiful she was. The tears streaming down her face made her even more the beautiful. Suddenly I felt evil, more evil than I thought possible. The girl, the lonely girl just stared at me with her big grey eyes and tear streaming face. I sighed and let go of her shoulders and started to walk away.

"Wait" her voice sounded so weak, and sad. "Please wait, who are you?" I kept on walking not wanting to get involved with her. I then felt something warm and full of life press upon my back. I stopped, knowing that it was her, and pinned her to a nearby wall.

"You, girl, don't want to know who I am." She shivered, but I think because she was only cold. It was quite cold outside and she had no coat. Being so close to her, I wanted more than anything to consume the meat of her body, but I held back. She threw herself to the ground in the mean time tripping me. I purposely fell onto her, the weight of my body crushing her small frame.

The girl only started to laugh, her laughing pissed me off more than anything. I growled and she just smiled. I wanted to kill her for making a fool of me. I bit into her arm and waited for her screams, but they never came. I released my fangs from her body and saw that the expression on her face was calmness. I stood up and growled once before disappearing into the shadows.