new poem kinda written old-english styleish kinda...

A wandering soul have I

Always searching

Always yearning

Something whispers it seems

Fueling my never-ending wanderer's dreams

Always following in my heart

But trapped where I stand

Never fulfilling the dreams which I am

A wandering soul have I

Wishing only to see something more

To see somewhere else

Looking for always

The place my soul longs to find

Knowing never why

A place that perhaps doesn't even exist

Yet I only wish to see it

As though when it is seen

Everything will be fulfilled

A wandering soul have I

Though I do not know why

I do not know what fuels it

If it is the cool October breeze

Or the loud rushing of the sea

The crisp hot sun of May

Of the sweet smell of harvest's hay

The hot summer sun

Or the refreshing cool of when it's finally done

All I know is that it seems

That all my soul does is dreams

Its never-ending wandering dreams

A wandering soul have I...