just a little lesson to all...

She just wanted it all to go away

The criticism

The pain

It sucks having to make all A's

Just give them a little scare

Nothing wrong

Spilt a few hairs

Just one pill too much

Suicide of a princess

Just lose a few pounds

Baby fat

Wouldn't take much

Skip a few meals

When I didn't just throw them up

After all

Beauty is a pain

Didn't know it would hurt that much

To late now

Suicide of a princess

Can't go on with out him

The only one for me

Never mind he's the third this week

True love at first sight

Now I think that I might

Have made a dumb mistake

Now suffering forever with STD

But it was the only way to him you see

Suicide of a princess

All these girls had one thing in common

Can't you see

They couldn't see the difference that made them beautiful

Like the difference in everyone,

You and in me

They all suffered the same

All had what seemed to be

A never-ending pain

Now they lay just how they wanted

Beautiful where they lay

In a coffin lined with silk

Free from eternal guilt

The three

The many

Who died

Suicide of a Princess