AN: ok well here I'm trying something new… lol hope you enjoy!


I sit here, the knife in my left hand, the blood on my right. A stoke for each of my parents, one stroke for each of my classes, one stroke for my brother, one stroke for my lover, on stroke for my friends. Twelve strokes in all.

I look at the floor, blood pooling there. My life force leaving me, like so many people, four drops for my mother and father, fourteen drops for my classes, two drops for my lover, two drops for my brother, two drops for my friends.

The sting in my wrist, salt mixing with my blood, I'm crying, tears for my parents, tears for my classes, tears for my lover, tears for my friends, and tears for my death.

I gaze upon the lifeless form, blood is her halo. Her lips, blue as ice. Her eyes, once so expressive, now sad and eternally listless.

I see my form. Gone from my body, eternal rest. Heed my warning, you may feel numb but they don't.