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Chapter One: Trust

The rain continued to fall, however it was not as hard during this hour of the morning- just a light drizzle. The girl was still asleep upon the bench in the park, unaware that there was a guy, nineteen years old, gazing upon her face. He thought that it was dangerous for a girl like her to be lying asleep on a public bench in Mauve City, where anyone could find her. He thought she must be around seventeen years old, and observed her brown hair which was still gorgeous after all she had been through, her fine, dark-pink lips, and her fair skin. But what he didn't see were all the scars that lay underneath for so many years. He began to move his hand to touch her precious face, but she must have sensed it coming, for she opened her eyes right away. The guy felt an icy shock go through his heart as she opened her eyes; they were an intense, striking blue.

"Who," she hesitated. There was a fearful tone to her voice, "who are you?"

"You, um, looked so vulnerable lying on that bench. I thought I should sit here for your protection," he said. His eyes were fixed on hers, "I, I mean, my name's Kevin."

The girl just stared at him for what seemed like years, a look of gratification slowly rising on her face. "I'm Judith."

"Are you all right? I mean, do you need somewhere to stay? What are you doing lying here, anyways?" he interrogated. "Shit. I'm sorry. Too many questions." He wore a pained look upon his face, but curiosity still gleamed in his green eyes.

"It's okay," Judith wanted to tell this guy her story. He looked as though he could be trusted. Nonetheless, Judith had known a few people she thought she could trust, but most of them had abandoned or betrayed her. She thought it would be pointless to ask him if he could be trusted- she knew what lies were. But then again, he had watched over her through the night- but who knew if he was staring at her body or watching for criminals? She told herself she wouldn't tell him anything so important for now. "I'm escaping this damn city. Everyday it's been hell for me here, so I finally just decided to leave, and I'm obviously still working on that," the slightest glimpse of a smile came onto her face. But it disappeared as fast as it had come.

Kevin placed his hands on top of hers. He felt something towards her. She was beautiful, no doubt there, but it wasn't love. He wanted to protect her, which was a gesture that Judith was never before offered. "I've always wanted to leave this city," he said, "but something always lures me back in. I don't know what compels me to stay, but that force is always pretty strong."

"Yeah. To tell you the truth, I have no idea of where I'm gonna go after I get out of here. I don't even know the way out," Judith said.

"I do," remarked Kevin, with a tinge of hope in his voice. "Maybe we could leave together."

"You wouldn't happen to be attracted to me, would you? Or do you really want to escape?"

"I really want to escape, Judith."