She floated along with angelic grace

Effortlessly concealing the temper of the sea

Full, pouty lips that morphed to a heartbreaking smile

Porcelain skin framed by smoldering auburn hair

Outshone only by those storm-riddenblue eyes

He was ensnared, yet

She was nonchalant, to say the least

The marriage was immediate

The love diluted with wine

Diamond rings and satin things

Her intransigent will allowed nothing

To be denied her insatiable emptiness

She obtained all a heart could desire

But lacking a heart…

Scintillating chardonnay soaking

Her snowy white silk sheets

Flecked the color of roses of love...

A specious life now in auld lang syne

The tears of a man now lost and blind

Rotting promises of love growing

Caressing murmurs of unrequited hate

Author's Note: I don't know how obvious it was, but yes, she dies. Although, I'm just noticing that I never made it very clear whether she did killed herself or if her husband did. I should fix that sometime... or just leave it up to the reader's imagination... shrug Anyways, the title probably doesn't fit the poem very well, but that's because I just used the first thing that popped in my head, so I'll fix that later too... ;;