I wandered towards the wicked wheel

With a waffle in the hand, and a wallet in the other.

When whirling, twirling, whooshing towards me,

A wild, willy-nilly clown took his wrath out.

A carnivorous clown clamped his crooked teeth down,

Down on my crispy, crusty waffle with a crunch.

That cheesy grin chased me down to the cheese cart,

The clown cornered me with bits of crispy waffle on his chin.

He hopped happily around, his hair standing up.

I hopelessly watched as he hovered hardly an inch over me,

His harsh breath reeked of herring,

And his happy disposition haunts me forever.

This true tale happened to me on Tuesday.

I had been tortured with tickling and the teasing,

With waffles twice as twistedly tasty as my own.

The terrible Tuesday that taunted me 'til I DIED.