My name is Tabitha and I was born blind. At age 10 I saw my first color, red. I didn't physically see it with my eyes, but through a memory. After touching a certain vampire I attained the ability of clairvoyancy. His most vivid memories fill my head. Now and then his memories come to the surface and force me to experience the memory just as he had. I am grateful and unappreciative for this. Through his memories I have experienced years of traveling through beautiful lands. And through his memories I have killed thousands of people and seen tons upon tons of blood.

At first I was unable to control it. A memory would come to the surface and I would go into a seizure. Most people after I touch them fade away after three days. But Serj, as he has been called, is always with me. I'd hear, smell, taste, or feel something similar to a memory of his and I would be overcome by his experience. After seven years, I've learned to push everything to the back of my head. Most of his memories come to me as dreams now. Sometimes a whole moment of time will be exactly like one of his memories and I can't help but bring it to the surface.

I avoid all physical contact I can now. I've become a complete outcast. My mother pities me and doesn't understand why I avoid people. She couldn't understand how I've experienced having sex with a woman while I slowly killed her. How could anyone understand that I know every inch of several men and how to pleasure each one when I've never even been in the presence of someone nude? I know how to kill people painfully, quickly, slowly, any method possible and I've never had someone else's blood on my hands. I despise this curse.

I wake up to the annoying high pitched noise of my alarm like every morning. I feel for the alarm and find it. I feel the square shape of the off button and hit it. My mom set it for six o'clock and I've kept it there forever. I confidently walk myself to my own bathroom and turn on the shower. I strip off my pajamas while the water warms up. I test the water before stepping in under the hot shower. My mom buys the same shampoo and conditioner every time for me, so I can smell the difference between the two. The soap bar is easy to distinguish.

I wash, shut off the water, and then feel my way to my towel. I quickly dry my short hair and then dry my body off. I've been told my hair is red like a sunset. I just have to believe my mother. Maybe Serj had a memory of seeing me. If he did, I haven't experienced yet, but I still hold hopes. I keep it short so I can just easily put gel in it, spike it, and not worry about messy hair. My mega hold gel is always on the back of my toilet; I squeeze some in my hand and run it through my hair as I walk into my room.

I grab panties and a bra and slip into them, what does it matter if they match or not; who will be seeing? I mostly have jeans since jean can match with anything really; I grab a pair of jeans and squeeze into them. As for shirts, I really only care about the texture; today I'm feeling like comfort, so I search for a silk one. Serj's favorite material is silk. I can't remember if I liked silk or not before his memories.

From memory I walk to my door, only slightly bumping into the doorway as I walk through. A right turn and an estimated six steps bring me to the kitchen which is on my left. The kitchen table is directly in the middle. On the east side of the table is the refrigerator. I grab a half pint carton of orange juice and begin drinking it as I head for the north side of the table. The north side has the counter which has a box of cereal bars. They go in order from left to right, blueberry, apple, and strawberry. I grab a strawberry one and sit at the table.

I can hear my mom moving around upstairs. I then hear the water running through the pipes of the house. I finish my breakfast and throw it away in the trash can which is on the west side of the table. I walk into the living area which is on the south side of the table. I bang into the coffee table and then find the couch. I sit down and lean over to the radio which is on the coffee table. My Oasis CD is always in the CD player, I press the circular play button and then the rectangular skip button eight times. I sit back and wait for my ride to "special" school.

My school is for the visually and audio impaired. They might as well call it the school for disabled individuals who can't mingle in normal schools because kids will pick on them. My mom can afford to put me in a special needs school, but not a dog. I have to rely on a stick, my memory, and other senses. I pretty much know our house like the back of my hand, but the school is still a bit unfamiliar. I know the basic structure of the building, but I haven't gotten use to where the trash cans, doors, and water fountains are.

My mom drops me off and I walk to the school doors. There are five steps that lead to the door and the door is always open. My first classroom is forty-three steps and then a right turn. Ms. Wolf always leaves her door open. There's one table in the classroom with seven seats around it. We only have five students in the class so two are always unoccupied. Then there's Ms. Wolf desk which is in the northeast corner of the classroom. I can hear her at her desk.

"Good morning, Tabitha."

I fake a smile, "Good morning."

I hear another student creak in their wooden seat. I'm usually the first one to class. Ms. Wolf obviously can sense I'm wondering who's here before me.

"Tabitha, this is Todd. He's my new assistant teacher. I felt as though I needed someone on the same level as my students. So I asked for a blind assistant."

I walk toward my usual seat which is at the east end of the table. I pull my chair out and sit down while putting my bag on the floor. I hear him creak again; he's two seats over from me on the south side. I've never been very friendly and so Ms. Wolf takes it upon herself to introduce us.

"Todd, Tabitha; Tabitha, Todd."

"How old is he?" I ask.

"You don't have to ask her. You can ask me."

His voice held a confidence I've never heard in another blind person. It intrigues me; he's earned some of my respect.

"How old are you, Todd?"

"I'm twenty. How old are you?"

"Seventeen. Were you born blind?"

"No. When I was seven I was playing in a dumpster, I got picked up by the garbage truck, they started up the crushing thing and I had a head injury by the time they heard my screaming and turned it off. My retinas were detached. And voila, I'm legally blind."

"Wish I had an interesting story to tell."

"Were you born blind?"

"Yea, my mom had a vitamin deficiency"

"Oh. What do you look like?"

"From what people have told me, red hair like the sunset that I keep short and spiked, pale skin with light traces of freckles, and emerald green eyes that shine like a cat's. What about you?"

"Not as amazing as you, but dark hair and brown eyes. Just the average."

Another student walks into the room and our conversation ends. Ms. Wolf introduces the student to Todd and then more students enter the classroom. Everyone is introduced and class starts as always.

We all have brail textbooks that we follow along in as Ms. Wolf reads to us. Ms. Wolf briefly explains to us what blood is made of and a memory of Serj's drowns me.

I'm crouching in thick, tall grass watching a woman bathing in a stream. Next to me is a woman explaining to me why vampires need blood and how they sustain them. Each time she says the word blood my stomach clenches with hunger. I then realize she's speaking in another language. I can understand every word she's saying though. I growl and she grabs my wrist. I stare into her ice blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes, perfectly arched black eyebrows, and skin the color of dark chocolate. She smiles and then nods her head.

I know exactly what to do. One second I'm crouching, the next my arms is wrapped the woman. I yank her head to the side and without hesitation my lips are locked around her throat. I feel her pulse beat rapidly against my tongue as her hot blood fills my mouth. Slowly the taste of blood fades away and so does my vision.

I'm back in the classroom. Class is going about as usual so no one noticed. My breath only sped up, but no seizure. I feel the heat of someone else near my ear.

"Todd wants to speak to you after class." The person sitting next to me whispers.

I write a mental note and then listen to Ms. Wolf. She's now explaining how nutrients and minerals are used by our bodies. I quickly go back in my book to catch up and then listen to her talk. Why would Todd want to talk to me? What was there to talk about?