I lay under a dark woman. By dark, I mean dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. She's beautiful, Hollywood material. We're having sex and then climax at the same exact moment. The woman collapses on my bare chest.

"I love you, Sagura." I whisper while stroking her hair.

"I love you, Serj." She breaths against my chest.

I wake up sweating and breathing hard. God, I hate the sex memories. I won't be surprised if I become a lesbian during a mid-life crisis. I have no clue what time it is. I remember tomorrow is Saturday, but Todd planned to come over at eleven.

I get out of bed and slowly walk to my bathroom. On the left back corner of my sink I keep a cup that I fill with cold water. I bring the cup back to my bed while sipping from it. I set it on my nightstand and lay back in bed. I snuggle up under the covers and try to go back to sleep. I immediately go back into another dream.

"FUCK YOU!" I'm screaming and then slam a door. I'm blind though, so this is Todd's memory.

"DON'T YOU DARE SLAM YOUR DOOR IN MY FACE!" A man screams from the other side of the door.

"GO AWAY!" I holler back.

I turn around and run to a bed where I lay down. I smother my head into a pillow and scream. The screams soon turn into sobs and I soak the pillow in my own tears.

I wake up to the screaming of my alarm clock in the morning. I reach over and hit the snooze with a groan. On Saturday you're suppose to sleep in. I reluctantly get up to take a shower and get ready for Todd.

I dress in my usual jeans and a t-shirt, but what does it matter what I wear, he's blind. I go down stairs to grab breakfast which consists of a yogurt and cereal bar. I go into my living room to listen to music and try to get a nap in before Todd arrives.

My doorbell wakes me up from a peaceful sleep. I turn my music off and get up to find my way to the door.

"Who is it?" I ask while standing behind the door.

"It's me Todd."

I open the door and stand to the side. "Come in."

His walking stick whacks me in the shin and I yelp. I grab his walking stick and start guiding him to the couch. I hear him bump into several stuff and grunt.

"You could have warned me." I say as I push him onto the couch.


"If you need help getting around, I know this house like the back of my hand."

"Sorry again. So what exactly do you need help with in English?"

I hear the zipper of what I assume is a backpack. I hear papers being placed on the coffee table. I finally sit down in the recliner adjacent to the couch.

"Do you want anything to drink or eat?" I ask remembering my manners.

"No I'm fine. If I'm thirsty I brought my own water bottle. Now back to my question…"

"I can't be given information and then write an essay about it. When I was younger I use to condense the information too much. I was told to use details and when I did, I used too much detail."

"When reading the passage, only note the important stuff."

"I can't tell what is important and what isn't."

"Alright. Here. Read this out loud and then tell me what the focus of the passage is."

I hear the paper ruffling in Todd's hand and I grab it. I feel the Braille and begin processing the bumps in my head. I have to run over it a couple times before being able to read it out loud. It's something about Hiroshima and the effect of the bomb that landed there.

"This is too easy. This is a subject I know about. I could easily give you a summary. When they give me bullshit information about ecology or politics is when I have a hard time."

"Try this one then."

I put the Hiroshima paper down and grab the new one in Todd's hand. I read over it and sure enough it's bullshit information about abortions. I begin summarizing it in my head. I hear movement. I can sense Todd has moved closer to me. He grabs my knee and fortunately I have pants on.

"Don't touch me please." I say quickly.

"Why not?"

"Excuse me, you're my tutor."


"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry, it's just that ever since I touched you that one day I've felt a connection to you. As if I need to touch you and it might give me comfort."

"Listen Todd, believe me, you don't want to touch me."

"Yes I do."

"Fine, touch me, see what happens." I'm extremely annoyed now.

He grabs my knee again and feels his way to my wrist. As soon as my skin touches his, his entire life crashes into me; pain, sorrow, depression, hatred, rage. My senses completely shut down and I feel dead.

"Tabitha, Tabitha."

My hearing comes back first. Then I can feel Todd shaking me. Everything else kicks in and I moan. The pressure in my head is so immense. Todd lets go finally and I take a deep breath.

"What happened?" Todd's voice was panicked.

"Please leave." I manage to say.

"Are you alright?"

"Todd, pick up your stuff and I'll lead you to the door."

"Tabitha, please tell me what happened."

"Pick up your stuff." I say through my teeth.

I hear Todd sigh and then begin packing his stuff. He stands up and taps me with his walking stick. I grab it and lead him to the door as quickly as possible. I open the door and let him out without a word. I close the door behind him and let every single emotion out. I scream, I cry, I destroy.