Things worked out the way I hoped they would. Chris and I went to the same university, but we're taking different courses. Currently, we're back at our hometown for summer vacation.

"Nicole, how many more centuries do I have to wait?" I hear Chris yell from downstairs.

"Just a minute!" I yell back. I think you've noticed that we still have arguments.

Andrew and Mika are also quite happy. Andrew is proposing tonight (he asked me to help him pick out a ring for Mika). I'm pretty sure she's going to say yes.

Matt also went to the same university. After the Homecoming Dance, things were reversed. Matt was the one chasing Myra. My little sister was really hurt, when Matt rejected her for the first time, so she's getting her revenge. I've lost count of how many times my little sister has snubbed Matt.

However, she's still crazy about him. He just doesn't know it yet. You might wonder why Matt is still chasing after Myra after all these years. I have a simple answer for you. She's my little sister. From the start, everyone expected her to be as good-looking as me, well, almost. Okay, I admit it. Christopher's conceitedness has rubbed off on me.

You might be wondering what happened to Trisha. Well, wonder no more. She's also in college, I just forget where. The last time we saw each other, she said she wanted to be a librarian. Now, who could have predicted that?

Can you guess who was our valedictorian when we graduated? Joey Paine. It turns out he wasn't so dumb after all. He actually has the I.Q of a genius. Can you believe it? It just seemed impossible, when I found out.

Cindy Wilber and Liam are sort of going out. They have this really complicated on-off relationship. David, one of Christopher's soccer teammates and closest friends, was a real playboy, even until we graduated. On our freshman year in college, he finally met his match, but that's a totally different story.

"Nicole, my butt is numb from sitting!" I hear Chris yell again.

"Can't you wait a little longer?" I shriek.

This time, I really have to go. Adieu. Goodbye. Whatever. I can't really say they all lived happily ever after, since I'm getting tired of Chris' temper and I'm dumping him tonight.

Wait. He's good looking. He's smart. He's crazy about me. What am I an idiot? Why the hell would I do that? Besides, I'm crazy about him too.

The End

Author's Note: Nicole's Stupid Diary has finally ended. Originally, I planned to post the chapters every few days, but I couldn't take it anymore! I had to let you guys know the ending. I hope you're satisfied with it (Are you? Post a review!), and I hope you will read Reason to Go Back and my future stories. Btw, can you describe Nicole's personality? Thanks a lot…