"Silence On The Other Line"

"I'm sorry I called you so late." said the girl.

Her friend replied "It's fine. Why haven't you called?" The blank white noise of the telephone whispered as neither spoke for a moment. Then, in a rush, both of them began to speak.

"I just-"

"Sorry, I know"

"have been busy"

"it's been hard"

"with stuff"

"since you came back"

"and tired."

"home after that."

Silence again.

"Thanks for visiting me." said the girl.

"It's fine," the friend whispered."It's not like I haven't been here enough lately anyways." The friend started to laugh but it quickly gave way to sobbing. "I mean, what do I do to people? That makes them do that to themselves?"

Silence on the other line.

"After I saw my other friend and you, both with those same scars-"

"They're gone now." murmured the girl. "The weren't deep, they healed right over."

"But knowing they were there-"

"But they're not there anymore." pleaded the girl.

"I just don't know if..."

"If what?"

"If I can ... forgive you for that."

The white buzz filled their ears again.

The friend started again. "I don't know if - I can, can be your friend anymore."

The girl begged again. "Don't you remember the first day I met you and the first thing we did, before we even said anything was just laugh? Please! Do you remember?"

Silence on the other line.

After having to read some short stories by Hemingway for my English class, I decided I wanted try writing in a style vaguely reminiscent of his by using little description and mostly dialogue. This is the first time I've tried anything like this, so I'm interested to know what you think. If you think perhaps that it would be better if I re-wrote it adding in sensory details then please so say because I am considering doing that. Thanks!