Making a Birthday Wish

I made a wish one day

For you to come my way

And 365 days ago

The gloom in my life began to glow

Small beautiful and pink

My little girl as soft as mink

Pamela the light of my lifetime

You make my words easy to rhyme

Happy birthday little one

Hope you day is full of fun

Singing for you the birthday song

Will be so loud and so long

With your own birthday cake

Your own little mess to make

One candle for you today

With many more to come your way

Talking to me in your baby talk

Watching you trying to walk

Dancing and singing in your own little way

Always happy every single day

Smiling and laughing waving goodbye

Blowing kisses and winking your eye

Your first teeth just peeping through

Nanny and I never feel blue

12 months spinning by as fast as a top

Happy birthday Pamela from Grand pop

For Pamela

My Amazing Grand Daughter

Graham Johnson