Death Of Mirage 2000 Inc.

Chapter 1
It is a Mirage 2000, the best selling perfume in the world. The workers at Mirage 2000 Inc. had to stay after working hours just to make sure it has the right scent. A few workers, the boss, and the president of Mirage 2000 Inc. were the only ones left in the building. The workers were in the ages 17-19. The boss was around 35, and the president was about 50 years old.
"Everyone! Once we finish this project we can all go home. So lets get started," said Mrs. Ronny, the boss of Mirage 2000 Inc. All the workers began to work hard. After 10 minutes the lights began to flicker on and off.
"Just ignore that everyone! Lets keep on working," Mrs. Ronny said. Everyone continued to work but the lights started up again.
"Mrs. Ronny! It's impossible to work with the lights going on and off!" Said Cayce. Everyone started complaining with her. Mrs. Ronny finally went downstairs to the president's office to see why the lights kept going on and off. But when she got there she saw the president sitting in the secretary's seat with the phone resting on her lap.
"Mrs. O'Rien? May I please speak to you?" Mrs. Ronny walked to the president and tapped her on the shoulder. The president fell forward and there was a huge dirty knife straight through her back with blood streaming down. Mrs. Ronny let out a horrible scream.
All the workers came running down the stairs to see what was up. They ran to the office and they had seen enough from the terror in Mrs. Ronny's eyes.
"Everyone lets go. Go back to the room, I'm going to call for help!" Mrs. Ronny ordered. All the workers obeyed. They all went to the workroom except for Mrs. Ronny. Mrs. Ronny went to the pay phone in the building.
"Don't try to escape! I have traps and surveillance cameras everywhere in the room. I will hunt you all!" A huge laugh came from the loud speaker. Mrs. Ronny dropped the phone. She heard several laughs coming around her. The pay phone door closed and it was locked. She was trapped.

Chapter 2
"What was that all about?"
"I don't know Chris, but I'm scared."
"So am I," said Megan Egan. Evan Fankle was looking out the window.
"You guys, we can escape if we jump out the window," said Evan.
"No, we can't try that! You heard what he said, don't try and escape!" Jeff Desely reminded him.
"Well, we are all going to die someday, so we mine as well try to escape alive!"
"Evan it isn't a good idea, lets try the door downstairs."
"Real smart Becka, lets just go down stairs and head for the doors. If you haven't forgotten the doors are right by the office where the funny message came from. I say we escape this way." Evan said. As Evan said that a figure dressed in black came running through the door with a knife. He rushed towards Evan. Evan's eyes widened. The knife hit him right in the stomach so hard that he went right through the glass window. Everyone screamed and ran out of the room. They all headed downstairs screaming Mrs. Ronny.
"Oh no! Look!" Jeff Hagen pointed to the pay phone door and Mrs. Ronny was leaning against the door with a strong belt tied around her neck. She wouldn't budge. She was obviously strangled to death. The 8 workers stopped in their tracks not knowing where to go next. One kid started running out the door.
It was too late. By the time Darek got out the door he was already shot through the head by 4 bullets.
"That's it! I just want to go home. Mrs. O'Rien, Mrs. Ronny, and Evan are dead. Now who was next? Darek! We can all die!" Marie-Claire broke out into tears. Her friend Megan tried to calm her down.
"Now I know what Buffy the Vampire Slayers goes through," Chris muttered.
"That wasn't funny!"
"Did I say it was Jeff?"
"Jeff! Chris! Come on, pull yourselves together!" Jeff Hagen tried to break up the fight. The lights began to flicker on and off again. All the kids walked to the cafeteria where there was the most light. Luckily, they all made it there in one piece. All of them sat down on one of the tables in the cafeteria trying to think this thing through.
"YOU IDIOTS! THERE IS NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT! All we know is that there is a maniac killer in this building! We don't even know what we are up against!" Cayce hollered. Just than, the lights in the cafeteria went out.
"GOOD CAYCE! You catch on quick!" More laughs came from the loud speaker.
"How'd he know my name?" The lights turned right back on.
"I'm scared. I think I'm his next victim!"
"Don't talk like that Cayce, we are all going to stay together." Chris tried to calm her down. The lights went off again.
"I think we should all get out of here," Becka whispered. They all left the cafeteria right next to the stairs that led to the "packaging section" of the building. All of them walked upstairs except for Jeff Desely. He said that he would stay in the cafeteria. He thought that whenever they were together as a group someone eventually got killed.
All the kids walked up the stairs together as a group, all except for Jeff Desely that is. Megan Egan put her hair up in a ponytail. But, as she was walking up the stairs she stopped.
"Megan what's wrong?"
"I don't know. I just feel like someone is tugging on my hair!" Megan tried to move but she couldn't. It was to dark in the stairway to see what was really happening. Marie-Claire walked down to the step she was on and tried to help her. But before she could Megan was whipped down really hard by the hair. She fell right to the floor and landed right on her head tumbling down the stairs.
"MEGAN!" Marie-Claire yelled.
"MARIE-CLAIRE YOU CAN'T GO BACK FOR HER!" Cayce yelled. But, Marie-Claire ran after her best friend and touched her by the neck. She had no pulse. She was dead.
"Marie-Claire come on!" Jeff Hagen yelled. Marie-Claire broke out in tears but came running back to her friends. They all ran up the stairs screaming. They ran inside the closest classroom there was. They opened the windows.
"Lets go!"
"Wait! You know what happened to Evan!" Becka yelled.
"Yes, but we are just going on another roof of the buildiing. We'll be okay!" Chris said.
"I don't care what you say! I'm not going!" Marie-Claire said, "I'm just going to stay right here!"
3 of the 5 kids that were in the packaging room jumped out the window. They all landed on the flat top roof. Becka and Marie-Claire stayed behind. But, what Becka and Marie-Claire didn't know was that there was someone coming up the stairs.

Chapter 3
The footsteps grew closer and closer to the classroom. Marie-Claire finally heard a step.
"Becka? What's that?" Marie-Claire asked. Becka froze in fright. They both tried to jump out the window but it was too late.
"Who's there?"
"AH!" Marie-Claire and Becka screamed in fright.
"Becka? Marie-Claire?"
"Who's there?"
"It's me, Jeff! Jeff Desely! I got afraid and lonely downstairs," Jeff slowly said.
"Don't tell me the others were murdered! Please don't!" Jeff screamed.
"No, they're all on the-" Marie-Claire was stopped by screams. Jeff Hagen, Chris, and Cayce came diving through the window banging into Marie-Claire.
"HE'S OUT THERE! Lets go!" The lights turned back on.
"Who's out there?"
"WHO ELSE? THE MURDERER!" All of the workers ran out of the classroom. Cayce was the last one out of the room and she shut the door behind her. The murderer broke the window on the door with a mallet. Glass shattered right into Cayce's arm. Cayce screamed in pain as she ran down the hallway following her friends. She started to take out the pieces of glass that were stuck in her arm as she ran.
"Cayce come on!" Jeff hollered.
"Where's Jeff Desely?" Cayce asked.
"Jeff ditched us again!" Chris answered. They all walked down to the library were they were startled at the scene of Jeff hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck. Jeff was pushed off the Librarian's desk by the same dark figure they saw over and over again. Jeff Desely screamed as he fell off the desk. That left Chris, Jeff Hagen, Becka, Marie-Claire, and Cayce.
"Great! Just great! I am all cut up from glass. And, Mrs. O'Rien was stabbed in the back, Mrs. Ronny was strangled, Evan pushed out the window with a knife helping him to his death, Darek shot in the head, my best friend's neck was broken, and now Jeff was hanged! WHAT IS NEXT?" Marie-Claire hollered. Water began to leak from the ceiling right were Becka was standing. And just at the same time a cable had crashed right through the building landing right on Becka.

Chapter 4
"AHHHH!" Becka was just then finding out what it was like to be fried alive. The broken cable that had landed right on top of her was slowly killing her.
"11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, and now 4 left!" More evil laughs came from the loud speaker. Jeff, Chris, Marie-Claire, and Cayce stood looking at each other.
"Maybe we should go," Jeff slowly said. The kids starting nodding and they all ran down the stairs. Marie-Claire was the first one down the stairs being ready to run out the door.
"NO MARIE-CLAIRE!" Cayce hollered. Marie-Claire just stopped in time before being the next victim of the maniac killer. With a sigh of relief she walked back to her friends. Marie-Claire had just noticed that a rope attached to the door handle was connected to a trigger of a gun. If she opened the door a bullet would've went straight at her.
"Come on, we must be careful!" Chris turned around to head back up the stairs when a brick had just fallen on his head.
"CHRIS!" Jeff screamed. Marie-Claire shook Jeff and he eventually stopped staring. He began to run with his two fellow workers away from Chris' death.
"So, 3 left of 11. I'm just afraid I'm going to be next," Marie-Claire said. "The manic murderer already tried to kill me, what, 2 or 3 times?"
"He tried me once already."
"He didn't go after me at all yet. So, that gives me a feeling that I'm next," Jeff said with a huge gulp.
"WOW JEFF! You are really smart! Can you say, bye?" An evil laugh came from the loud speaker. The 3 students began to run all the way down the hall. They tried to open one of the doors but it was locked. They tried every door in the school.
"ALL THE DOORS ARE LOCKED! What are we GOING to do?"
"I have no idea-" Jeff started to mumble without even trying. Marie-Claire and Cayce turned around to see what was going on. The same black figure had a handkerchief covering Jeff's mouth and nose. Jeff tried to gasp for breath but he couldn't. The two girls froze in fright.
"…uh…" Jeff couldn't last much longer. Just than, Marie-Claire and Cayce charged at the black figure. Jeff's body fell to the ground and the maniac murderer started shooting at Marie-Claire 5 times before she died. In the mean time, Cayce had jumped on the maniac's back and was trying to put the murderer to sleep with a sleeper hold around the neck. The manic murderer shook her off his back. Cayce than got up and ran. Two bullets were fired but luckily they missed. She ran to the exit door of the building. She opened it and it wasn't locked! She ran out the door but since she closed it so quickly she was stopped. She closed the door on her hair. She tried to yank her hair out but couldn't. She also tried to open the door but it was now locked again. Than, the maniac murderer had a plate in his hand with 5 daggers on it. He came closer and closer to her. Cayce started screaming for help, but it was no use. Closer and closer the maniac murderer came. Cayce could almost feel the daggers in her skin already. She tried harder to yank out her hair. But it was no use, she was still trapped. So she had no choice but to scream all the way to her untimely death.

Chapter 5
"We interrupt your program for a special TV announcement. Eleven people that attended Mirage 2000 Inc. in Ecofield New Jersey were just murdered. The victims were the President, the Boss, and nine workers. We first found the body of Cayce Batna. Her hair was caught in the door and 5 daggers were through her face. We also observed broken pieces of glass stuck in her left arm. Near the same scene, we found Evan Fankle 's body who had broken class all around him with a knife through his stomach. We think as of now that he was pushed off one of the windows on the top floor of the building. We think this because there is a broken window on that same level with some remains of glass sticking out. As we walked in the building we found the President, Mrs. O'Rien, sitting down with a knife through her back. We also found the body of the Boss, Mrs. Ronny. She appeared to be locked in the phone booth with a heavy belt tied around her neck. She was obviously strangled to death. Near that was the body of Christopher Hill, we found a brick lying down next to him. The blood that was streaming down from his head was all dried up. That is all the coverage we have for today." Said the TV Reporter.
"This just in! The body of Marie-Claire Houseguy was found near the body of Jeff Hagen. Marie-Claire was appeared to be shot in the chest 4 or 5 times while Jeff Hagen hadn't been able to breathe from a handkerchief covering his mouth and nose. We found Rebecca Kingler's body upstairs. Her body was fried to the crisp by the electrical cable that had come crashing down into the building. We found an axe that must of cut the strong pole down. We are trying to identify fingerprints now…this just in! We found the body of Jeff Desely hanging in the Mirage 2000 Inc. Library. He seemed to have been hanged. We also found the body of Megan Egan's. Her neck was broken and her body found by a fleet of stairs. Darek Candy's body was outside one of the other exits of the building. We saw that 4 or 5 bullets were shot at his head. We will have more coverage on the horrible news. And, the fingerprints results on the axe were negative. The killer was probably wearing gloves. This is a tragedy. The worst part is, most of them lived a slowly painful death."