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Chapter two


Before me stood a small boy, only about ten years of age, still asleep he swayed in front of me. I waited patiently, I knew what he felt like, and only a few years ago I was in the same position. He was a messenger, of course, you could tell by his tatty uniform wrinkled and frayed, and his red sash tied around his waist said all. The boy had stalk blond hair as bright as his drowsy yellow eyes, and a dark complexion odd for a firebird. "Sir. Natsu… captain wishes to see… you in his office at once…" his voice trailed for a while, unaware that he was still talking.

I said nothing, handed the boy a copper piece and headed out the door, without a moment's hesitation, egger for the news. The sun had yet to rise this morning, and I had been up for quite some time absorbed in my studies, and practicing my new spells constantly. (1) I hadn't expected a call from the captain at such an hour, morning messages were sent out promptly at eight o'clock in the morning, not a moment later nor a second sooner. It was always done this way; the young mages serve the older ones until they were old enough to become apprentices. I am an apprentice now for a man called Eyad, man of the many powers.

Curiously I came across the barged door of Captain's chamber and knocked three times, their echoes bouncing against the empty corridor walls. "Come in," boomed a loud voice from inside the room. I slowly pushed open the large door, it was cold and heavy, and I had to put forth a lot of pressure to even open the door a fraction of the way open. When I did finely open the door all the way, I was surprised to see Captain refreshed and fully awake, dressed in his uniform of deep blue satin and silk.

"I'm giving you a mission, Natsu…."


(1) Firebirds are powerful magical beings of the fire, which in fact still know how to use and control their powers. Unlike the common born scum of a crowling, firebirds are powerful rulers of both species.