Beautifully Broken

I dream and shatter into

countless pieces.

I quaver from being broken.

A figure with a face obscure

Bends to treasure each part,

While His silence

Brings fervor to my heart.

Red rain stops at nothing.

But He allows it.

One by one, handling each portion

With unworldly care,

He completes His work

On my unsound body.

They gather.

Murmurs of astonishment

Spread like an imperishable plague.

Disdain must be foreign in this place,

For I do not feel the sword of shame

That has so often impaled my breath.

A quilt of awe blankets every visage.

A flame derives from a deathless torch

And ignites

My every nerve

With immortal passion.

Vibrant colors flutter in every corner.

Only light prevails here.

How could I-

So beat up,

So decrepit-

Be transformed into something

So beautiful?

His curative touch

Is a penetrating creek

To my thirst.

My heart stops for a second of eternity

Before it pumps new blood.

He catches my shocked

And obsolete cast.

I'm invited

To dive within his infinite eyes.

Then I know.