Inside a Cathedral, Isolated I Stand

Inside a cathedral,

isolated I stand,

With trembling flames clutching candles-

Aspiring to drive out the breath of phantoms

And give flickers of hope

In the caliginous background.

When she glides in,

A choir's repercussion hovers like mist against the ceiling.

No soul dares to move

In fear of missing a part of those crucial lyrics

That announce angelic presence.

Ageless curtains open.

Light spills

And illuminates details of her porcelain face.

Dawn circulating her head brings the Virgin Mary to life.

She sweeps to my side, taking my hand in hers.

Silk overcomes my scared and feeble flesh.

My fingers are entwined in a dream

of Egyptian cotton.

My eyes soar to hers.

I cross over and into their world.

Stumbling through a dark passage,

I touch the barren stones

That outline the inside.

Gelidness jars my veins.

I walk and walk.

Every step takes me farther

from the end light.

She calls my name.

I whisper in despair.

Why did you leave me?

Her hand relinquishes the grasp of mine,

Then travels to wipe away an escaping tear.

My child, it was for the best.

With those words,

Our surrounding begins to transform.

Vapory clouds sweep along forgotten pews.

Lost promises provoke

awakening faces

of bedraggled paintings.

Colorless sunrises brush by.

When the night is lifted,

Inside a cathedral,

Isolated I stand.