Walk the Line

Go on, walk the line

Step by step

Your road shall be taken

To its unseen end

Upon broken glass and shadows

Throught the myths of your heart

The clouded view through eyes

Filled with tears

A voice

Broken by anger and fear

Echoing along the trail

Of bitterness and broken dreams

Go on, walk the line

Never look back again

At past and diminished memories

Illusions of forgotten times

Thus who are still beloved

Will be let down tomorrow

Though you fight it

It is meant to be

And all your desperation

Will be plunged out into night

Slowly fading in the mist

Of your quivering soul

Go on, walk the line

You are not alone

A silent fellow by your side

Cast in shadows of your strength

Will lead you to your final battle

Against yourself

When a silver sparkling moon

Shall be witness of your confession

You'll find yourself alone

And though alone you aren't

Always have to mind and remember

There's an angel inside your heart