Uninvited Guests

by Khamani Hagood

Michael sat on the living room couch reading his book. His parents left him home to go on a business trip during spring

vacation. Michael was only eleven and this was his first time trusted to be home alone. He was a little sacred but not scared

enough to be under his covers. So Michael was reading his book when he heard a thump. Michael looked up. He searched

around but saw nothing. Then more thumping started and the lights began to flicker. As soon as it started the sound stopped.

Michael set down his book and started to walk to his room to play video games. The thumping started up again but this time the

lights shut completely off.

Michael froze on the spot. The thumping noise continued but getting louder and louder until the entire house was shaking.

Michael could hear his parents' expensive china crashing to the floor. His toys on the shelves fell and broke with a plastic

crunch. Michael sat in a corner fearfully waiting for it to end.

All of a sudden, the thumping stopped. Michael got up and looked around wondering what exactly just happened. Then, a

high-pitched voice, like nails on a chalk board, called to him.

"MICHAEL!" the voice cried. Michael closed his ears to the horrible shriek.

"MICHAEL! MICHAEL!" the voice continued. The shrieks confused Michael. Before he knew it, he was running around the

house yelling "Stop! Stop!"

His running around eventually led him to the basement. Michael fell down the short stairway onto the concrete. As he fell, the

terrible screams stopped. After falling down, Michael was in pain. He had to summon all of his remaining energy to get up. As

he lifted his body, he noticed something he didn't before.

Right in front of him was a small door. It was no more than three feet tall and one and a half feet wide. The door was wood

and the knob was brass. The way it was implanted into the wall looked like it was there for a long time. Michael walked

towards the door and crouched in front of it to get a better view. All of a sudden, the door bent outward as the thumping noise

started again. Michael fell back in surprise. He crawled as fast as he could to the other side of the room.

After a minute, the thumping stopped. Michael looked back at the door. A clicking noise started. Michael crawled slowly

toward the door. His heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the door knob turn. All of a sudden, the door creaked


Michael was never seen again. His parents sent all the policemen in the area to look for him but there were no results for a

month. While sitting waiting for results, Michael's parents heard thumping and the lights began to flicker.