I feel my heart beating;

It's beating fast:

Mt time has come, it ends at last.

I can hear the laughter,

I can feel the pain,

I hear my blood flow down the drain.

I feel my heart beating;

It's slowing down.

I hear my body hit the ground.

I hear the screams,

I see the lies,

Watch the life drain from my eyes.

I feel my heart beating,

It finally stops

Bleeding hearts begin to rot

The sirens blare,

The body bags gone

The gun just sits…the pain prolonged.

I can't hear my heart beating;

It makes no sound,

My blood is pooled upon the ground

I pulled the trigger,

A bullet in my brain,

Beware to all, beware the pain…

A/N: For some reason…this poem came to me when I was watching SAW (interesting where I find inspiration)….best movie in the world by the way….