I never meant for any of this to happen, really. I had no intention of causing any trouble, I certainly had no intention of spending the night with a married man. This is such a mess. I take one last look around and make up my mind. I'm leaving. I pull the covers off and make to get up, but the arm that was around my waist pulls me back. I would love to stay, but I can't. It's wrong, everything about this is wrong. I try to move his arm off as gently asI can.
"Need to go to the bathroom," I mutter. It was a lie, but I'm positive it wont be the last one of today. He grunts his disapproval, but lets me up. I cover him back up and set about finding my clothes. Underwear, jeans, shoes, and I've just pulled my top over my head when i feel his hand on my shoulder.
"what are you doing?" Theres confusion in his voice.
"leaving." I hope I sound more decisive than I feel.
"why?" He sounds upset. Well, I guess I would be too ifI had cheated on my spouse.
"Dee, stay, please... Please dont go." He comes round to face me.
"Please stay." His eyes are pleading too. I would say he's breaking my heart, but it's a bit late for that now. I sigh and turn away to grab my bag and jacket. After taking a deep breath, I face him again.
"I can't. This is wrong. Everything about this is wrong." He looks as if I'd just slapped him.
"Wrong? But how?" I roll my eyes. Honestly, only man could be so thick. I grab his hand, which he instinctively tries to wrap around mine. I hold his hand flat.
"Remember this? You're married, and not to me." He continues to watch me with sad, pleading eyes. He clears his throat before answering in a small voice:
"My marriage is over." That does it. I'm used to lies, but I never expected this of him. I let his hand drop and walk away. He reaches for me, but i push him away and head for the door. We are still disagreeing whenI reach it. This time he succeeds in catching me, and his lips cover mine, frantically trying to reclaim me. For seconds, I'm brought back to the night before, knowing that what we're doing is wrong, but wanting it all the same. It takes me all my will to push on his chest and break the kiss. Wordlessly I slip out the door. I'm partway down the hall whenI hear a THUMP. Did he just punch the wall? I pick up the pace, and thankfully, I'm out of there when the tears start coming.