Yesterday, I was too cold. Today, I'm just on the verge of feeling a tad too warm. Of course, I'm not complaining. I don't have to open my eyes to know it's Her lying beside me. She sleeps on her side and buries Her face into the pillow. I'm not sure if it's because of me, or just a Dee thing, but She's tilted back slightly, resting against me.

I really, really want to hold Her tightly and lay right up against Her, although considering this is first thing in the morning that might not be such a good idea. She looks so peaceful when She's sleeping, rarely does so when She's awake, so I figure it's best to let Her carry on dreaming.

The last time I had been fortunate enough to have Her sleeping beside me, I had woken up. No idea why. I was a little disoriented and waking up to a small female figure next to me was confusing for a few seconds. She had fallen asleep facing away from me. I watched Her chest rise and fall with the even flow of her breath for a minute or two, and do the same now. Even in sleep, Her movements are graceful, each gesture flowing seamlessly into the next one seamlessly, giving a sense of stirred activity, even while slumbering, She fidgets. The very first time, it surprised and maybe even annoyed me a little that She never seemed to stop. Now I find it endearing. I've known Her to be on the go from morning till night, so I guess She's used to it. I just wish She found it easier to relax.

She stirs slightly, but doesn't open Her eyes. I think I'm now in a position to avoid any embarrassment to either of us, so once again, I reach around Her, drawing myself up so that I can feel Her against my skin and return to rest my head against Her shoulder. Oh, that is so much better. Although being mid thirties you would think that I could help some things, but apparently not. She stirs again, and this time there's a little more purpose in Her actions. I think She's waking up. I can't erase the smile from my face. I'm very excited and happy at the thought of spending another day with Her. I have a wicked thought, not that I'm really expecting anything to happen, all the same, I can't resist kissing the back of her neck, I know She loves that. She groans and stretches out. She must be waking up. I continue to nuzzle at Her neck, and eventually, She rolls over to face me. She opens one eye and immediately squints at the brightness. I know I'm grinning. I can't help it.
"Good morning."
"Mmmm, morning."