Icy Changes2

Most people don't think or even know that their entire lifestyle (their behavior, attitude, personality,) or any other little thing about them could change within a minute, a nanosecond, or even during one night. Well, if you don't believe a word that I just said, then you better start believing because it really happened to me.


Name's Jane Vesta Jones, I'm 16 and a high school sophomore. This is my story of how one normal girl (like me for instance) can transform or become something new and different over one night. Like everybody else I had a basic, normal, average, yet boring life. I always had to get up, get dressed, go to school, come home and do my homework, eat, get my stuff ready for the next day, and finally sleep away all the stress that's been piled up from all the work at school and do it all over again tomorrow. You'd think after 1 year in high school, I would get grip and get over it already. Well, that's the problem: I haven't at least not yet anyway. Sometimes when I'm in school I would dream that I was a different, yet a cooler person with cooler hair, eyes, clothes, and a cooler way to get too school, than take the bus all the time. After a while day's and month's go by, then all of a sudden it's October 31st, the best holiday in the world, it's the best because of mostly the free candy that you receive from friends and neighbors. Everybody at the Halloween block party had the coolest clothes; I was only invited because one of my friends is a senior. Now, don't get me wrong, I love being friends with people that are in a higher grade level than me, it's just that I feel kind of down traded because I'm younger in grade level than them. The night's ending, it's already 1:45 and I still have to wake up and go to school.


It's morning already, yet everything feels out of place, but I guess I'll just brush it off and get ready for school. Picked out the clothes that I am going to wear today. Went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and to comb out my bed hair, came back to find new clothes on my bed, instead of the clothes I had already picked out. The shirt is sort of a silver light blue, the pants were black leather, there was a jean chain beside the pants, the jacket was the same as the pants, and too top it off there was a motorcycle helmet that was full light blue with metallic silver lighting bolts on each side. Now I thought that was really bizarre at first, but after checking the time on my clock, I forgot about it easily and was fixing to rush to the bus stop, but my dad stop me. I was all like

"Dad, I gotta go the bus is fixing to come real soon."

"Oh, stop worrying, sweetie, you have a motorcycle if you have forgotten. It's parked right in the drive way."

So, I walked right outside to see if what he was saying was true. It was, the motorcycle is the same as the helmet, with the graphics and everything. So I went back inside grabbed something to eat and the keys to start my motorcycle. I was half a block from the school, when I saw my bus drive by me, and everyone on the bus looked out the window and saw me. Now, I'm thinking here that they probably never seen me with a motorcycle in my life before, which I myself feel about the same right now as what their thinking. I drive up the parking lot of the school, turn my motorcycle off, and head for the second door of the school, but before I could even walk in the door, a senior boy with curly brown hair came up to me and was like

"Hey, are you that sophomore that was invited to the Halloween block party, only because one of your friends is a senior."

"Yea, I am. You got a problem with that." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I started wishing that I was died right at this very moment. The weirdest thing that came after that, was that he didn't even seem pissed off at me for saying that in his face. Well, its now 2:14 in the morning, and I have yet to get some sleep, so c ya, tomorrow, I suppose.